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VOLUME 44 (1986) | ISSUE 3 CONTENTS page number of Russian version in brackets
Kazakov V. A. , Exact solution of the Ising model on a random two-dimensional lattice 133  (105)
Matinyan S. G., Prokhorenko E. B., Savvidi G. K., Stochastic nature of spherically symmetric solutions of the time-dependent Yang-Mills equations 138  (109)
Afonin A. I., Bogatov S. A., Borovoi A. A., Vershinskii A. G., Gavrilov S. L., Ketov S. N., Klimov Yu. V., Kopeikin V. I., Kuvshinnikov A. A., Labzov A. A., Levina L. A., Machulin I. N., Mikaelyan L. A., Ozerov K. V., Sinev V. V., Tolokonnikov S. V., Kheruvimov A. N., Comparison of the intensities of \bar{\nu}_e at two distances from the reactor of the Rovno nuclear power plant 142  (111)
Ketov S. N., Klimov Yu. V., Nikolaev S. V., Mikaelyan L. A., Skorokhvatov M. D., Tolokonnikov S. V., Search for unusual events in a flux of reactor antineutrinos 146  (114)
Troshin S. M., Tyurin N. E., Oscillation of the spin-correlation parameters 149  (117)
Vovchenko V. G., Efimovykh V. A., Zhdanov A. A., Kazarinov Yu. M., Kiselev Yu. F., Kovalev A. I., Polyakov V. V., Popov V. E., Prokof'ev A. N., Trautman V. Yu., Fedorov O. Ya., Chernikov A. N., Shvedchikov A. V., Angular dependence of the polarization correlation parameter A00nn and the asymmetry parameter A000n in elastic proton-proton scattering at 690-950 MeV 151  (119)
Dianov E. M., Ivanov L. M., Karasik A. Ya., Mamyshev P. V., Prokhorov A. M., Spectral filtering of phase-modulated laser light; formation of tunable, spectrally limited, high-contrast light pulses 155  (121)
Ryabtsev A. N., Plasma-induced broadening of atomic levels of shifted terms lying below the ionization boundary 158  (124)
Krive I. V., Petrova T. G., Rozhavskii A. S., New field model of a one-dimensional spin density wave 162  (127)
Rozhdestvenskaya N. B., Smirnova L. V., Structural transitions in liquid benzene 165  (130)
Travnikov V. V., Luminescence of surface polaritons in CdS crystals 169  (133)
Voloshin I. F., Podlevskikh N. A., Skobov V. G., Fisher L. M., Chernov A. S., Nonlinear magnetic Landau damping 173  (136)
Varlamov A. A., Pantsulaya A. V., The feasibility of studying electronic topological transitions by means of tunneling 177  (139)
Zav'yalov V. V., Smol'yariinov I.I., Experimental observation of a photoresonance of electrons localized above the surface of solid hydrogen 182  (142)
Volovik G. E., Wess-Zumino action for the orbital dynamics of 3He-A 185  (144)
Ioffe L. B., Feigel'man M. V., Interaction asymmetry and hierarchy of patterns in associative-memory models 189  (148)
Dotsenko Vik. S. , Hierarchical multilayer model of memory 193  (151)
Agan'yants A. O., Vartanov Yu. A., Vartapetyan G. A., Yaralov V. Ya., Narrowing of the cone of the emission of relativistic electrons in an oriented diamond crystal 196  (153)

Permission given by American Institute of Physics is appreciated.