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VOLUME 26 (1977) | ISSUE 6 CONTENTS page number of Russian version in brackets
Lang I.G. , Pavlov ST., Yashin G.Yu., Multiphonon cascade process and secondary radiation bands in polar semiconductors 305  (429)
Kashchenko M.P., Mintz R.I., Mechanism of martensitic transformation due to the disequilibrium of the electron-phonon system 309  (433)
Broude V.L. , Vidmont N.A. , Korshunov V.V. , Maksimov A.A. , Tartakovskii I.I. , Local biexcitons in anthracene crystals 311  (436)
Aleksakhin I.S. , Borovik A.S. , Zapesochnyi I.P. , Electronic spectra of autoionization states of barium, observed in electron-atom collisions 314  (439)
Vinokurova L.I. , Gaputchenko A.G. , Itskevich E.S., Effect of pressure on the de Haas-van Alphen effect in nickel 317  (443)
Gubarev S.I., Lysenko V.G., Revenko V.I., Timofeev V.B., Optical orientation of carriers in a nonequilibrium electron-hole plasma in CdS crystals 320  (447)
Dedukh L.M. , Nikitenko V.I., Polyanskii A.A. , Uspenskaya L.S. , Direction investigation of the influence of the dynamic change of the Bloch-wall structure on its mobility 324  (452)
Zuev V.A. , Korbutyak D.V. , Kurik M.V. , Litovchenko V.G., Rozhko A.Kh., Skubenko P.A. , Observation of excitons in thin surface layers of CdS 327  (455)
Galushko V.S., Ganapol'skii E.M., "Point-centered" excitation of coherent hypersound in the millimeter radioband 330  (459)
Aleksandrov E.B., Yakobson N.N. , Freezing out of hyperfine structure of the ground state of thallium atoms in a discharge 333  (463)
Altukhov P.D. , El'tsov K.N. , Pikus G.E., Rogachev A.A. , Polarization of recombination radiation of bound multiexciton complexes (BMC) in silicon in a magnetic field 337  (468)
Trepakov V.A., Babinskii A.V. , Krainik N.N., Smolenskii G.A., Samukhin A.N., Carrier mobility and photoluminescence in lead magnesium-niobate in the region of the ferroelectric phase transition 341  (473)
Yudin E.P. , Electron paramagnetic resonance of γ oxygen 344  (477)
Barta C. , Zadokhin B.S. , Kaplyanskii A.A., Markov Yu.F. , Soft mode from the boundary of the Brillouin zone in the Raman-scattering spectrum of the paraphase of Hg2CI2 and Hg2Br2 347  (480)
Ashkinadze B.M., Fishman I.M. , Production and decay of exciton liquid-phase embryos in germanium under conditions of nonuniform strain 350  (484)
Latyshev Yu.l., Nad' F.Ya. , Steplike structure produced on the superconducting transition of a tin film by microwave radiation 354  (488)
Balykin V.I. , Letokhov V.S. , Mishin V.I. , Semchishen V.A. , Laser detection of single atom fluorescence 357  (492)
Khotikov V.G., Kreines N.M., Scattering of light in weakly ferromagnetic CoCO3 following excitation of the spin system by large microwave power 360  (496)
Bychenkov V.Yu. , Zakhorenkov Yu.A. , Krokhin O.N. , Rupasov A.A., Silin V.P. , Sklizkov G.V., Starodub A.N. , Tikhonchuk V.T., Shikanov A.S., Ultrahigh speed diagnostics of the parameters of laser plasma corona 364  (500)
Kerbikov B.O. , Kudryavtsev A.E., Markushin V.E., Shapiro I.S., Annihilation widths and shifts of quasinuclear NN levels in the coupled-channel model 368  (505)

Permission given by American Institute of Physics is appreciated.