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VOLUME 26 (1977) | ISSUE 7 CONTENTS page number of Russian version in brackets
Gangnus Yu.S. , Prozorkevich A.V. , Smolyanskii S.A. , Connection between the renormalizability of the theory and the behavior of the transport coefficients 375  (513)
Lipatov A.S. , Numerical investigation of the collapse of Langmuir waves in a magnetic field 377  (516)
Luzyanin I.D., Khavronin V.P., Homogeneous kinetic relaxation in YIG in the dipole region 380  (520)
Maleev S.V. , Effect of static impurities on the critical dynamics of ferromagnets above Tc. Critical dynamics of ferrites 383  (523)
Alferov D.F. , Bashmakov Yu.A., Belovintsev K.A. , Bessonov E.G., Cherenkov P.A. , Observation of undulating radiation with the "Pakhra" synchrotron 385  (525)
Taborov V.F., Nuclear acoustic echo in cobalt 388  (529)
Koshilev N.A. , Strokin N.A. , Shishko A.A., Ion heating and fine structure of the potential in the interaction of a magnetic piston with a plasma 391  (532)
Vereshchagin L.F. , Novikshonov V.I. , Evdokimov V.V., Khlybov E.P., Vvedenskii V.L. , Critical magnetic fields of superconducting compounds based on Nb3Ge obtained at high pressures and temperatures 394  (536)
Moshchalkov V.V., Mironova G.A. , Appearance of combination frequencies in the Shubnikov-de Haas oscillations and in oscillations of the surface impedance of doped Bi tellurium and Bi1-xSbx alloys 396  (538)
Aglitskii E.V. , Rantsev-Kartinov V.A. , Stepanenko M.M. , Shcheglov D.A., Observation of x-ray spectra of chromium and iron in the plasma of the "tokamak-10" 401  (544)
Burakov V.S., Misyakov P.Ya., Naumenko P.A., Nechaev S.V. , Razdobarin G.T. , Semenov V.V. , Sokolova L.V., Folomkin I. P., Use of the method of resonance fluorescence with a dye laser for plasma diagnostics in the FT-1 tokamak installation 403  (547)
Goncharov N.I. , Konov V.I. , Murina T.M. , Nikitin P.I., Prokhorov A.M. , Sidorinn V.M., Chudnenko V.A., Electric field of a laser spark ignited near a conducting target 407  (551)
Grach I.L. , Narodetskn I.M., Shmatikov M. Zh., Dispersion approach to the calculation of three-particle bound states and contributions of three-particle unitarity 410  (555)
Antipov Yu.M. , Bezzubov V.A. , Budanov N.P. , Bushnin Yu.B., Gorin Yu.P., Denisenko A.A., Denisov S.P., Ech F.A. , Klimenko S.V. , Lebedev A.A., Lednev A.A., Mikhailov Yu.V., Petrukhin A.I. , Polovnikov S.A. , Romishvili V.N., Stoyanova D.A. , Production of J/Ψ particles by 43-GeV/c π- mesons on the nuclei Be, Cu, and W 414  (560)
Eidelman S.I. , Production of four pions in e+e collisions and partial conservation of axial current 417  (563)
Galitskii V.M., Mishustin I.N. , Relaxation of pion fields in nuclear matter 420  (566)
Nemashkalo A.A. , Afanas'ev N.G. , Vladimirov Yu.V. , Likhachev V.P., Savitskii G.A. , Khvastunov V.M. , Electroexcitation of giant multiple resonances in 64Zn and 124Sn nuclei 422  (569)
Kallosh R.E. , Gauge invariance in supergravitation 427  (575)

Permission given by American Institute of Physics is appreciated.