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VOLUME 26 (1977) | ISSUE 10 CONTENTS page number of Russian version in brackets
Shustin O.A. , Chernevich T.G., Ivanov S.A., Investigation of the kinetics of fluctuation phenomena by a holographic method 511  (669)
Rebane L.A., Khaldre T.Yu., Resonant secondary emission of Se62 in Kl 515  (674)
Shklovskii V.A. , Role of conduction electrons in the formation of the thermal resistance of a metal-dielectric interface 519  (679)
Lutovinov V.S., Savchenko M.S., Mechanism of "hard" excitation of spin waves in antiferromagnets 523  (683)
Pashinin P.P., Prokhorov A.M., Effect of electron dragging by photons in a laser plasma 526  (687)
Parail V.V. , Effect of quasilinear effects on the propagation and damping of lowerhybrid waves in a plasma 528  (689)
Zvyagin I.P. , Size localization of electrons in inhomogeneous semiconductors 531  (693)
Bashkin E.P., Meierovich A.E., He3-He I solutions in strong magnetic fields 534  (696)
Afrosimov V.V. , Basalaev A.A., Panov M.N., Lelko G.A., Electron capture in different electronic states by multiply charged Ar+Z ions in He atoms 537  (699)
Sherbakov A.S., Prekul A.F., Volkenshtein N.V. , Experimental confirmation of the gap character of the electronic spectrum of disordered alloys in the region of the structural instability 540  (703)
Volodin A.P., Khaikin M.S., Edel'man V.S., Development of instability and bubblon production on a charged surface of liquid helium 543  (707)
Zhilyakov S.M. , Ivolga V.V. , Mal'tsev V.I. , Naiden E.P., Sequence of magnetic transitions in systems of dilute ferrimagnets 547  (711)
Alkhazov G.D. , Belostotskii S.L , Volkov S.S., Vorob'ev A.A., Domchenkov O.A., Dotsenko Yu.V., Kormin E.G., Kurpopatkin N.P., Nikulin V.N., Shuvaev M.A., Polarization in elastic scattering of 1-GeV protons by the nuclei Ca and 208Pb and the parameters of the spin-orbit amplitude 550  (715)
Zhuchko V.E. , Kapitza S.P., Ostapenko Yu.B., Smirenkin G.N., Soldatov A.S., Tsipenyuk Yu.M., Quadrupole photofission of 232Th and role of symmetry of the nucleus in the fission process 553  (718)

Permission given by American Institute of Physics is appreciated.