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VOLUME 25 (1977) | ISSUE 2 CONTENTS page number of Russian version in brackets
Gel'mont B.L., Efros A.L., Coulomb gap in disordered systems. Numerical experiment in one-dimensional model 67  (77)
Ostrovskii B.I. , Rabinovich A.Z., Sonin A.S., Strukov B.A., Chernova N.I., Ferroelectric properties of smectic liquid crystals 70  (80)
Finkel'shtem A.M. , Correlation functions in the one-dimensional Hubbard model 73  (83)
Nagaev E.L. , Ferromagnetic semiconductors with giant blue shift of the absorption edge 76  (87)
Prigodin V.N., Firsov Yu.A. , Phase transitions in quasi-one-dimensional system of weakly bound one-dimensional metallic filaments 79  (90)
Sonin E.B. , Superfluidity of Bose condensate of electron-hole pairs 84  (95)
Galkin A.A. , Tsymbal L.T., Grishin A.M., Butenko T.F., Doppler-shifted cyclotron resonance and doppleron-phonon resonance in molybdenum 87  (98)
Lundin A.G., Falaleev O.V., Sergeev N.A., Possibility of identifying the regions of localization of positive muons in crystals 91  (103)
Zel'dovich B.Ya. , Saakyan D.B., Sobel'man I.I., Energy difference between right-hand and left-hand molecules, due to parity nonconservation in weak interactions of electrons with nuclei 94  (106)
Dzyaloshkinskii I.E. , Domains and dislocations in antiferromagnets 98  (110)
Beregulin E.V. , Valov P.M., Ryvkin S.M., Yaroshetskii I.D., Lisker I.S., Pukshanskii A.L., Dragging of electrons by light in semimetals 101  (113)
Lipatov L.N. , Divergence of the perturbation-theory series and pseudoparticles 104  (116)
Bogolyubskii I.L., Makhan'kov V.G., Dynamics of spherically symmetrical pulsons of large amplitude 107  (120)
Abramov B.M., Dukhovskoi I.A. , Kishkurno V.V., Kondryatuk L.A., Krutenkova A.P., KulikovV.V., Matsyuk M.A., Radkevich I.A., Turdakina E.N. , Fedorets V.S., Chuvijo I.V., Antipov I.Yu., Varlamov V.V., Ishkhanov B.S., Khrushchev V.A., Airapetov E.A., Andrukovich E.V., Bagasaryan L.S. , Investigation of the cross section of the (π-, p) process as a function of the atomic number of the nucleus at an energy 1 GeV 111  (123)
Baranov D.G., Bobkov V.G., Varyukhin V.V., Gagarin Yu.F., Ivanova N.S., Kulikov V.N., Lyagushin V.I., Myshkin V.E. , Khilyuto I.G., Yakubovskii E.A. , Singularities of interactions of iron-group relativistic nuclei in cosmic rays with Ag and Br nuclei with maximum number of interacting nucleons 115  (127)
Getmanov B.S. , New Lorentz-invariant system with exact multisoliton solutions 119  (132)
Troitskii M.A., Koldaev M.V., Chekunaev N.I., Influence of pi condensate on single-nucleon absorption of slow pions by atomic nuclei 123  (136)

Permission given by American Institute of Physics is appreciated.