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VOLUME 25 (1977) | ISSUE 5 CONTENTS page number of Russian version in brackets
Kozhushner M.A., Levintov I.I., Concerning one possibility of obtaining beams of polarized ions 211  (229)
Askar'yan G.A., Dolgoshein B.A., Acoustic registration of high-energy neutrinos 213  (232)
Mefed A.E., Atsarkin V.A., Direct observation of NMR in a rotating coordinate system and suppression of nuclear dipole interactions in a solid 215  (233)
Kopytenko Yu.A., Molchanov O.A., Mogilevskil M.M., Bushmarin V.A., Eremeev V.G., Ivanov A.A., Lizunov V.V., Yu.M. Markeeva, Shchekotov A.Yu., Pogrebnikov M.M., Demodulation of high-power low-frequency waves in the subauroral ionosphere in the range of geometric pulsations 218  (237)
Polivanov Yu.N., Sukhodol'skii A.T., Observation of interference of direct and cascade processes in active spectroscopy of polaritons 221  (240)
Mil'ner A.A., Popkov Yu.A. , Observation of spontaneous canting of the spontaneous sublattices in the hexagonal antiferromagnet CsMnF3 225  (244)
Kapustin I.N., Pertsovskii R.A., Vasil'ev A.N., Smirnov V.S., Raspopov O.M., Solov'eva L.E., Ul'yachenko A.A., Arykov A.A., Galakhova N.V., Generation of radiation at combination frequencies in the region of the auroral electric jet 228  (248)
Burshtein A.I., Kofman A.G., Kinetics of saturation of the Doppler spectrum 231  (251)
Karimov Yu.S. , Zvereva G.I. , Yagubskii E.B. , Magnetoresistance of the high-conductivity complex TTT2I3 234  (254)
Kharchenko N.F. , Szymczak G. , Eremenko V.V., Gnatchenko S.L., Szymczak R. , Magnetic intermediate state in dysprosium orthoferrite 237  (258)
Filippov N.V., Filippova T.I. , Investigation of deuteron beams generated in a plasma focus 241  (262)
Mar'yanova L.I., Chumakova S.V. , Viscoelastic relaxation of nematic liquid crystals in the region of the isotropic-nematic transitions 245  (266)
Likholit N.I. , Strizhevskii V.L., Yashkir Yu.N., Stimulated Raman scattering of light by surface polaritons 248  (269)
Golo V.L., Monastyrskii M.I., Topology of gauge fields with several vacuums 251  (272)
Berezinskii V.S., Gazizov A.Z., Cosmic neutrino and the possibility of searching for W bosons with masses 30-100 GeV in underwater experiments 254  (276)
Gedalin E.V. , Inclusive cross sections for the production of particles with large transverse momenta on nuclei 257  (279)

Permission given by American Institute of Physics is appreciated.