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VOLUME 43 (1986) | ISSUE 1 CONTENTS page number of Russian version in brackets
Krasnikov N. V., Explicitly broken N=4 supersymmetry model with a finite vacuum energy 1  (3)
Kiselev A. V., Petrov V. A., The Q2 dependence of the average multiplicity in deep inelastic processes 4  (5)
Andrianov A. A., Andrianov V. A., Novozhilov V. Yu., Novozhilov Yu. V., Condensates and the low-energy region in quantum chromodynamics 7  (8)
Kondratyuk L. A., Krivoruchenko M. I., Shchepkin M. G., Nonuniversality of the bag constant B and the dilambda stability problem 10  (10)
Anisimov V. N., Baranov V. Yu., Derkach O. M., Dykhne A. M., Malyuta D. D., Pis'mennyi V. D., Rysev B. P., Sebrant A. Yu., Velocity resonance as a method of selective excitation of surface waves in solids 13  (13)
Zel'dovich B. Ya., Krivoshchekov V. A., Mamaev A. V., Mel'nikov N. A., Pilipetskii N. F., Shkunov V. V., Effect of depolarization on conjugation (inversion) quality in stimulated scattering in optical fibers 17  (16)
Zaslavskii G. M., Moiseev S. S., Sagdeev R. Z., Chernikov A. A., Study of particles trapped by a magnetic field 21  (18)
Anishchenko Yu. B., Ionization of gases by 266-nm ultraviolet light 25  (21)
Okunev V. D., Samoilenko Z. A., Two types of short-range order and impurity behavior in glassy CdGeAs2 28  (24)
Kosevich Yu. A., Chubukov A. V., Spin-wave interaction in low-dimensionality Heisenberg magnetic materials 33  (27)
Kotosonov A. S., Diamagnetism of quasi-two-dimensional graphites 37  (30)
Balbashov A. M., Kozlov G. V., Lebedev S. P., Mukhin A. A., Pronin A. Yu., Prokhorov A. S., Prokhorov A. M., Unusual behavior of the magnetic resonance frequencies of HoFeO3 in the spin-flip region 41  (33)
Nguen V. L., Spivak B. Z., Shklovskii B. I., Hopping-conductivity fluctuations in small samples 44  (35)
Vedernikov N. F., Zvezdin A. K., Koptsik S. V., Levitin R. Z., Mukimov K. M., Perov A. P., Popov A. I., Turkmenov Kh. I., Linear field dependence of magnetic linear birefringence of rare-earth compounds at low temperatures 48  (38)
Boiko M. P., Red'ko N. A., Rodionov N. A., Pol'shin V. I., Lifshitz impurity phase transition in bismuth 52  (41)
Bunkin A. F., Galumyan A. S., Mal'tsev D. V., Remote nonlinear polarization Raman spectroscopy 55  (43)
Dvurechenskii A. V., Ryazantsev I. A., Dravin V. A., Yakimov A. I., Large Coulomb gap in the spectrum of localized states of Mn in amorphous Si 59  (46)
Berman I. V., Brandt N. B., Kostyleva I. E., Pavlov S. K., Sidorov V. I., Chudinov S. M., Critical magnetic fields of amorphous As2Te3 near the insulator-metal transition 62  (48)
Lee D. H., Joannopoulos J. D., Negele J. W., Landau D. P., Phases of a 2D planar antiferromagnet in a uniform field 66  (51)
Grodnenskii I. M., Starostin K. V., Galchenkov D. V., Negative photoconductivity of 2D electrons in semiconductor metal transition 70  (54)

Permission given by American Institute of Physics is appreciated.