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VOLUME 43 (1986) | ISSUE 2 CONTENTS page number of Russian version in brackets
D'yakonov D. I., Petrov V. Yu., Chiral theory of nucleons 75  (57)
Markushevich D. G., Ol'shanetskii M. A., Perelomov A. M., Vacuum configurations in superstrings associated with semisimple Lie algebras 78  (59)
Silin V. P., Tikhonchuk V. T., Chegotov M. V., Double stimulated Mandelstam-Brillouin scattering as a wave-front-inversion mechanism 82  (62)
Konyukhov V. K., Prokhorov A. M., Tikhonov V. I., Faizulaev V. N., Rotationally selective condensation of heavy water in a supersonic carbon dioxide jet 85  (65)
Belenov E. M., Kryukov P. G., Nazarkin A. V., Uskov A. V., Coherent amplification of intense nanosecond pulses in a multilevel system 89  (68)
Arkhipenko V. I., Budnikov V. N., Gusakov E. Z., Romanchuk I. A., Simonchik L. V. , Suppression of parametric plasma instability by increasing the damping of a Landau pump wave 93  (71)
Chaban A. A., Acoustic effects of an asymmetric electrical conductivity 97  (74)
Bulaevskii L. N., Sadovskii M. V., Increase of spatial fluctuations in superconductors near the Anderson transition 99  (76)
Gavrilov M. G., Kukushkin I. V., State density in gaps in the energy spectrum of 2D electrons in a transverse magnetic field 103  (79)
Ermolov S. N., Marchenko V. A., Chizhov A. Kh., Magnetic-field penetration into superconducting niobium 108  (82)
Zaitsev V. P., Krivokhizha S. V., Fabelinskii I. L., Tsitrovskii A., Chaikov L. L., Shvets E. V., Yani P., Correlation radius near the critical points of a guaiacol-glycerin solution 112  (85)
Aver'yanov E. M., Adomenas P. V., Zhuikov V. A., Zyryanov V. Ya., Orientational melting of low chains of molecules and nature of the nematic-smectic A phase transition 117  (89)
Kuzakov S. M., Vreker R., Glasbeek M., Spin-selective tunneling of electrons between defects in crystals 121  (92)
Dorokhov O. N., Metal-insulator transition in the anisotropy parameter in the case of a slight disorder 123  (94)
Tal'yanskii V. I., Electrostatic oscillations in 2D systems with a quantum Hall effect 127  (96)
Volkov B. A., Pankratov O. A., "Heavy fermions" in a supersymmetric ferroelectric domain wall 130  (99)
Brazovskii S. A., Yakovenko V. M., Magnetic oscillations in organic superconductors (theory) 134  (102)
Shustin O. A., Chernevich T. G., Fedorova A. I., Yakovlev I. A., Photoinduced conversions in nematic liquid crystals with a long excited-state lifetime 138  (105)
Kutsaenko V. V., Potapov V. T., Electrogyration in bismuth silicate 142  (108)

Permission given by American Institute of Physics is appreciated.