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VOLUME 43 (1986) | ISSUE 3 CONTENTS page number of Russian version in brackets
Borisevich N. A., Gorelenko A. Ya., Lysak N. A., Mel'nichuk S. V., Tikhomirov S. A., Tolkachev V. A., Toltorozhev G. B., Luminescence and emission of free radicals in gaseous and condensed phases 145  (113)
Krasnikov V. V., Pshenichnikov M. S., Solomatin V. S., Parametric brightening of the medium in resonant four-wave mixing 148  (115)
Grabchikov A. S., Kilin S. Ya., Kozich V. P., Iodo N. M., Statistics of the energy fluctuations of Stokes pulses in stimulated Raman scattering in various situations 151  (118)
Zel'dovich B. Ya., Pilipetskii N. F., Sukhov A. V., Reorientation with a micron lattice constant in unsteady optical four-wave mixing in a nematic liquid crystal 156  (122)
Kusmartsev F. V., Shchukin V. A., Exciton absorption in disordered crystals with a singular spectrum (the Urbach problem) 161  (126)
Moskalev A. A., Tsoi V. S., Inelastic low-energy electron diffraction by the antimony (111) surface 164  (129)
Bun'kov Yu. M., Dmitriev V. V., Mukharskii Yu. M., Torsional vibrations of a domain with uniform magnetization precession in 3He-B 168  (131)
Fomin I. A., Low-frequency oscillations of a precessing magnetic domain in 3He-B 171  (134)
Lebed' A. G., Anisotropy of an instability for a spin density wave induced by a magnetic field in a Q1D conductor 174  (137)
Valeiko M. V., Zasavitski I.I., Matveenko A. V., Matsonashvili B. N., Photoluminescence of quantum-size-effect epitaxial films and structures of Pb1-xSnxTe 178  (140)
Aliev F. G., Brandt N. B., Moshchalkov V. V., Gorelenko Yu. K., Petrenko O. V., Superconductivity of Tb2Mo3Si4 182  (143)
Vitkalov S. A., Gusev G. M., Kvon Z. D., Leviev G. I., Suppression of localization effects by microwave radiation in a 2D electron gas 185  (145)
Ioselevich A. S., Fluctuation mechanism of hopping conductivity in semimagnetic semiconductors 188  (148)

Permission given by American Institute of Physics is appreciated.