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VOLUME 43 (1986) | ISSUE 6 CONTENTS page number of Russian version in brackets
Ginzburg V. L., Frolov V. P., Excitation and emission of a "detector" in accelerated motion in a vacuum or in uniform motion at a velocity above the velocity of light in a medium 339  (265)
Petviashvili V. I., Pogutse I. O., Drift-dissipative excitation of electron vortices in a plasma 343  (268)
Arsenin V. V., MHD plasma stabilization in axially symmetric open confinement system 346  (270)
Kolyasnikov V. A., Sotnikov G. V., Tokarev A. S., Nikonov A. A., Anomalies in the superconducting transition in A-15 films with a periodic inhomogeneity 349  (272)
Smirnov G. V., Zelepukhin M. V., van Burk W., Purely nuclear diffraction of Mossbauer radiation in the critical region near the Neel point 352  (274)
Alekseev A. E., Zaginailo I. V., Fedchuk A. P., Infralow-frequency anomaly in the dielectric constant of a nematic liquid crystal 356  (278)
Volkov A. A., Goncharov Yu. G., Goffman V. G., Kozlov G. V., Mirzoyants G. I., Torgashev V. I., New low-temperature phase transitions in a superionic conductor RbAg4I5 359  (280)
Druzhinin V. V., Pavlovskii A. I., Pisarev R. V., Tatsenko O. M., Platonov V. V., Nonlinear Faraday effect in the weak ferromagnet FeBO3 in ultrastrong magnetic fields up to 800 T 362  (282)
Asnin V. M., Rogachev A. A., Stepanov V. I., Churilov A. B., Two-dimensional electron-hole plasma at a germanium-electrolyte interface 365  (284)
Vekhter B. G., Kazei Z. A., Kaplan M. D., Sokolov V. I., Magnetostriction of a DyVO4 single crystal 369  (287)
Grigor'eva L. K., Lidorenko N. S., Nagaev E. L., Chizhik S. P., Mutual-charging forces in an ensemble of highly disperse metal particles 373  (290)
Ekimov A. I., Onushchenko A. A., Efros Al. L., Quantization of the energy spectrum of holes in the adiabatic potential of the electron 376  (292)
Volodin A. G., Egorov A. V., Tagirov M. S., Teplov M. A., Feller G., Schwabe H., Staudte M., Nuclear polarization of rare-earth ions in insulating Van Vleck paramagnets 379  (295)
Lavrentovich O. D., Hyperbolic monopole in a smectic C liquid crystal 382  (297)
Sadykov R. A., Zaritskii V. N., Fradkov V. A., Inhomogeneous magnetic structure of the spinel ZnO8FeO2Cr2Se4 385  (299)
Bychkov Yu. A., Thermodynamics of a 2D electronic gas in a strong magnetic field 388  (301)
Itskevich E. S., Kashirskaya L. M., Kucherenko I. V., Pankratov O. A., Svistov A. E., Shotov A. P., Pressure-induced inversion of the Hall coefficient and the thermal emf in narrow-gap lead-tin-selenium semiconductors 391  (303)
Geshkenbein V. B., Larkin A. I., The Josephson effect in superconductors with heavy fermions 395  (306)
Korshak Yu. V., Ovchinnikov A. A., Shapiro A. M., Medvedeva T. V., Spektor V. N., Organic polymer ferromagnet 399  (309)
Demokritov S. O., Kreines N. M., Kudinov V. I., Scattering of light by magnons in two branches of the spectrum of antiferromagnetic EuTe 403  (312)
Ioffe B. L., Erratum: Structure functions of deep inelastic scattering at intermediate x in quantum chromodynamics [JETP Lett. 42, No. 6, 266-268 (25 September 1985)] 406  (316)

Permission given by American Institute of Physics is appreciated.