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VOLUME 43 (1986) | ISSUE 7 CONTENTS page number of Russian version in brackets
Azimov Ya. I., Ural'tsev N. G., Khoze V. A., CP nonconservation in rare decays of Bs0 mesons 409  (317)
Belavin A. A., Knizhnik V. G., Morozov A. Yu., Perelomov A. M., Two- and three-loop amplitudes in boson string theory 411  (319)
Novakova A. A., Kiselev A. A., Kuz'min R. N., Sidorova G. V., Analysis of the heterogeneous structure of the surface of amorphous alloys by means of the Mossbauer effect 415  (321)
Dmitrienko V. E., Blue phase of liquid crystals: light scattering and elastic moduli 419  (324)
Perov A. P., A cluster in a granular superconductor 422  (327)
Ledenev O. P., Oscillatory deviation effect in a metal in a weak magnetic field 426  (330)
Kokhanovskii S. I., Seisyan R. P., Efros Al. L., Yukish V. A., Observation of exciton states in the magnetoabsorption spectra of lead telluride 429  (332)
Fetisov E. P., Khomskii D. I., Impurity resistivity in systems with a fluctuating valence 432  (334)
Talanov Yu. I., Cherkasov F. G., Chernov S. F., Kharakhash'yan E. G., Direct observation of the freezing-in of the spin-lattice relaxation of the electrons in small metallic particles 435  (337)
Belyantsev A. M., Ignatov A. A., Piskarev V. I., Sinitsyn M. A., Shashkin V. I., Yavich B. S., Yakovlev M. L., New nonlinear high-frequency effects and S-shaped negative differential conductivity in multilayer heterostructures 437  (339)
Al'tshuler B. L., Kravtsov V. E., Lerner I. V., Statistical properties of mesoscopic fluctuations and similarity theory 441  (342)
Basun S. A., Kaplyanskii A. A., Feofilov S. P., Alternating-sign photostimulated resonant electrical conductivity of chromium ions in ruby 445  (344)
Murav'ev A. V., Nozdrin Yu. N., Shastin V. N., Quantum oscillations of the gain and stimulated emission on intersubband transitions of hot holes in p-Ge 449  (348)
Balykin V. I., Letokhov V. S., Sidorov A. I., Erratum: Focusing of atomic beams by dissipative radiation-pressure force of laser light [JETP Lett. 43, No. 4, 172-174 (25 February 1986)] 452  (352)

Permission given by American Institute of Physics is appreciated.