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VOLUME 25 (1977) | ISSUE 9 CONTENTS page number of Russian version in brackets
Bolozdynya A.I. , Egorov O.K. , Korshunov A.A., Miroshnichenko V.P., Rodionov B.U. , Sokolov L.I. , Sosnovtsev V.V. , First observations of particle tracks in condensed matter by an emission method 375  (401)
Markelov V.A. , Novikov M.A., Turkin A.A. , Experimental observation of a new nonreciprocal magneto-optical effect 378  (404)
Galeev A.A., Zelenyi L.M., Model of magnetic-field reconnection in a plane layer of collisionless plasma 380  (407)
Kotyuzhanskii B.Ya., Prozorova L.A., Oscillations of past-threshold susceptibility in parametric excitation of electron magnons in antiferromagnetic CsMnF3 385  (412)
Zakharenkov Yu.A. , Krokhin O.N., Sklizkov G.V., Shikanov A.S., Observation of fast ions in a laser plasma 388  (415)
Lyuksyutov I.F. , Pokrovskii V.L., Scattering of high-frequency sound near the X transition in He 391  (419)
Edel'man V.S. , Nonlinear cyclotron resonance of electrons localized over the surface of liquid helium 394  (422)
Shikin V.B. , Cyclotron resonance with surface electrons in liquid helium 397  (425)
Akulin V.M., Alimpiev S.S., Karlov N.V., Prokhorov A.M., Sartakov B.C., Khokhlov E.M., Appreciable increase of the dissociation rate of polyatomic molecules in the red shift of the nonresonant frequency under conditions of two-frequency laser action 400  (428)
Vinetskii V.L. , Zaporozhets I.E., Kukhtarev N.V., Matviichuk A.S., Odulov S.G., Soskin M.S., Nonstationary energy transfer due to dynamic self-diffraction of light beams of equal frequency in semiconductors 404  (432)
Manenkov A.A., Smolin S.P., Effect of microwave breakdown in germanium of the kinetics of electron-hole drops 408  (436)
Borovik A.E. , Solitons in a system of parametrically excited waves 410  (438)
Dzyaloshinskii I.E. , New type of magnetic domains in multisublattice antiferromagnets 414  (442)
Akhmanov S.A. , Bunkin A.F., Ivanov S.G., Koroteev N.I., Coherent ellipsometry of Raman scattering of light 416  (444)
Azimov S.A., Lipin V.D., Olimov K. , Usmanov T.M., Yuldashev A.A., Yuldashev B.S. , Structure of inclusive distribution in the longitudinal rapidity in the 20-200 GeV region 421  (450)
Pashkov A.F. , Skachkov N.B., Solovtsov I.L., Factorizability hypothesis in the quark model and large-angle elastic scattering of hadrons 423  (452)
Kuz'min V.A. , Tavkhelidze A.N. , Chetyrkin K.G., Are additional heavy quarks necessary to explain the observed behavior of R(s)? 427  (456)
Voronov V.V. , Solov'ev V.G. , Stoyanov Ch. , Calculation of E1 radiative strength functions in semimagic nuclei 430  (459)

Permission given by American Institute of Physics is appreciated.