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VOLUME 32 (1980) | ISSUE 1 CONTENTS page number of Russian version in brackets
Baranov P.G. , Veshchunov Yu.P., Romanov N. G. , Optical detection of the EPR of F centers in isotope-enriched 85RbCI and 67RbCI crystals 1  (3)
Fedoseev D.V., Deryagin B. V. , Lavrent'ev A. V., Varshavskaya I. G., Homogeneous formation of a diamond in the gaseous phase 5  (7)
Fedoseev D.V., Deryagin B. V. , Lavrent'ev A. V., Varshavskaya I. G., Homogeneous formation of a diamond in the gaseous phase 5  (7)
Bariev R. Z. , An exact solution of a two-dimensional, non-Baxter-type vertex model 8  (10)
Gvozdev A. E., Krive I. V., Kulik I. O., Rozhavskii A. S., Soliton conductivity and anomalies in the temperature and field dependences of the electrical resistance of thallium capronate CH3-(CH2)4CO2TI 12  (14)
Aronishidze S. N. , Dmitrienko V. E., Khoshtariya D. G., Chilaya G. S., Circular dichroism in absorbing mixtures with a cholesteric structure 17  (19)
Vinogradov V. S. , Voronova I. D., Kalyuzhnaya G. A. , Ragimova T. Sh., Shotov A. P., Hall effect and photoconductivity of Pb.Sn.Te with indium 20  (22)
ll'chishin I. P. , Tikhonov E. A., Tishchenko V. G. , Shpak M.T. , Generation of tunable radiation by impurity cholesteric liquid crystals 24  (27)
Gogolin A. A. , I- V characteristic for electrons with narrow, allowed bands at low temperatures 28  (30)
Mirlin D. N., . Karlik I. Ya, Nikitin L. P., Reshina I.I., Sapega V. F., Photoluminescence of gallium arsenide produced by pumping via the L valley. Spectrum and phonon oscillations 31  (34)
Kozlov D. N., Nikles P. V., Prokhorov A. M., Smirnov V. V., Chuksin S. M., IR and Raman scattering high-resolution spectroscopy of the v3(f2) and v1(a1) vibrations of the 74GeH4 molecule 34  (37)
Stishov S.M., Makarenko I. N., Nikolaenko A. M. , The equation of state of crystalline and liquid alkali metals 37  (40)
Abdullaev G. B. , Tagirov V. I., Kyazym-zade A. G., Panakhov M. M., Guliev A. O., Salmanov V. M., Photoconductivity anisotropy of indium monoselenide at high optical excitation levels 41  (44)
Gorenshtein M. I., Zinov'ev G. M., Petrov V. K., Sinyukov Yu. M., Branching processes and multiplicity distributions in QCD jets 43  (47)
Dzheparov F. S. , Smelov V. S., Shestopal V. E., Concentration expansion in the theory of excitation migration along a disordered lattice 47  (51)
Achasov N. N. , Devyanin S. A. , Schestakov G. N., Is there evidence for the four-quark nature of the S meson? 52  (56)
Efimov G. V., Ivanov M. A., Electromagnetic characteristics of P→ γ /+/- decays in the nonlocal quark model 55  (60)
Zdesenko Yu. G. , On lepton charge conservation in the double β decay of 130Te 58  (62)
Alkhazov B.P., Bykov A. A. , Vitman V. D., Naumov Yu. V., Orlov S. Yu., Resonance structure of the strength function of β+ decay 63  (68)
Lobov G.A. , P-odd asymmetry in proton-proton scattering 65  (70)
Filippov A.I. , On radiative decay of light mesons 69  (74)
Belovitskii G. E. , Preobrazenskii Yu. A., Presnyak O. S., Study of the possiblity of exciting the isobar-analog states in the 207 PB(np) reaction 73  (78)
Berezin F. A., Golo V. L., Supersymmetrical model of some classical particles with spin 76  (82)
Leznov A. N. , Leites D. A., Savel'ev M. V., B(0,1) superalgebra and explicit integration of the supersymmetrical Liouville equation 79  (85)
Kazarnovskii M. V. , Kuz'min V. A., Chetyrkin K.G. , Shaposhnikov M. E., On neutron-antineutron oscillations 82  (88)

Permission given by American Institute of Physics is appreciated.