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VOLUME 32 (1980) | ISSUE 3 CONTENTS page number of Russian version in brackets
Vaisburd D. I., Semin B. N., Fundamental luminescence of ionic crystals with high ionization levels 181  (197)
Skok E. M., Shalagin A. M. , Light-induced electron drift in semiconductors 184  (201)
Irkhin Yu. P. , sd-Hybridlzation and paramagnetic susceptibility of transition metals 188  (205)
Eremets M. I. , Negative intraband photoconductivity in tellurium 192  (209)
Bagraev N. T., Vlasenko L. S. , Merkulov I. A., Lebedev A. A., Yusupov P. , Photoconductivity anomalies in semiconductors doped with magnetic impurities 195  (212)
Mezhov-Deglin L. P. , Iznankin A. Yu., Mineev V. P., Observation of second-sound-rarefaction shock waves in superfluid helium 199  (217)
Bonch-Bruevich V. L. , Scaling theory of localization and the concept of minimum metallic conductance (d = 3) 204  (222)
Sibel'din N.N., Stopachinskii V. B., Tsvetkov V. A., Etien B. , Propagation of nonlinear waves of first sound in liquid helium 206  (224)
Bogatyrev G. P., Gilev V. G., Zimin V. D., Spatial and time spectra of stochastic oscillations in a convective cell 210  (229)
Al'tshuler S. A., Krotov V. I., Malkin B. Z., Giant magnetostriction in the Van Vleck paramagnet LiTmF4 214  (232)
Gershenzon M. E., Gubankov V. N. , Critical currents of granular, superconducting films of small cross section 217  (236)
Gur'yanov A. N. , Gusovskii D. D., Devyatykh G. G., Dianov E. M., Karasik A. Ya. , Kozlov V. A., Neustruev V.B. , Prokhorov A. M. , Sagnac effect in a fiber-optic interferometer 221  (240)
Mel'nikov V. I. , Distribution of resistivity probabilities of a finite, disordered system 225  (244)
Khmel'nitskii D. E. , Anderson localization in a flow structure 229  (248)
Zaskal'ko O. P., Starunov V. S., Radiation self-synchronization using stimulated Raman scattering of light in an external cavity 233  (252)
Kotyuzhanskii B. Ya., Prozorova L. A., Observation of a size effect produced as a result of parametric excitation of spin waves in FeBO3 235  (254)
Gevorkyn S.R. , Interaction of longitudinally polarized vector mesons with nucleons and deep inelastic electroproduction process in nuclei 238  (258)
Vorob'ev S. A. , Didenko A. N. , Zabaev V. N. , Kalinin B. N. , Kaplin V. V. , Kurkov A. A., Potylitsyn A. P. , Tomchakov V. K. , Comparison of a coherent bremsstrahlung spectrum and a radiation spectrum produced by axial electron channeling in a diamond single crystal 241  (261)
Golo V. L. , Steady-state neutron liquid flow in the 3P2-pair state 245  (265)
Dal'karov O. D. , Effects of weak neutral currents in the annihilation \vec pp\to e^+e^- at low energies 248  (269)

Permission given by American Institute of Physics is appreciated.