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VOLUME 32 (1980) | ISSUE 4 CONTENTS page number of Russian version in brackets
Achasov N. N., Devyanin S. A., Shestakov G. N. , Erratum: Four-Quark nature of the scalar S* meson 308  ()
Lidorenko N. S., Nagaev E. L., Erratum: Molecule clusters adsorbed on the surface of a conductor 309  ()
Averbukh I. Sh. , Kovarskii V. A. , Perel'man N. F., Optical multistability and light self-modulation at double resonance 255  (277)
Bufetov I. A. , Prokhorov A. M., Fedorov V. B., Fomin V. K., Gas dynamics of slow luminous burning of air in a neodymium laser beam 259  (281)
Burkov S.E., Pokrovskii V. L. , Critical electric fields and currents of two-dimensional systems 263  (285)
Krasheninnikov S. I., Filyushkin V. V. , On the relaxation of an electron beam in a high-density, slightly ionized gas 268  (290)
Zuikov V. A. , Samartsev V. V. , Usmanov R. G., Correlation of the shape of light echo signals with the shape of the excitation pulses 270  (293)
Antipov Yu. M. , Bezzubov V. A. , Budanov N. P., Gorin Yu. P., Denisov S.P., Klimenko S. V. , Kotov I. V. , Lebedev A. A. , Petrukhin A. I. , Polovnikov S.A. , Roinishvilli V. N., Stoyanova D. A., Formation of ψ(3700) particles in π-Cu interactions at 50 GeV/c 274  (297)
Alekseev G. A. , N-soliton solutions of Einstein-Maxwell equations 277  (301)
Kukushkin I. V. , Kulakovskii V. D. , Timofeev V. B. , Radiation of exciton molecules in uniaxially compressed germanium 280  (304)
Ozhogin V. I. , Suleimanov S. M., Yakubovskii A. Yu., Unique features of the parametric excitation of nuclear magnons in antiferromagnetic materials in the presence of magnetic field modulation 284  (308)
Prikhot'ko A. F., Pikus Yu. G., Shanskii L. I. , Polarization of absorption bands in crystals of α-oxygen 287  (312)
Magomedov A. M., Magnetoresistance of pure metals in solid and liquid phase 291  (315)
Akhiezer A. I., Shul'ga N. F., On electromagnetic showers in crystalline media 294  (318)
Azimov Ya. I. , Dokshitser Yu. L., Khoze V. A. , On the properties of t-quarkonium decay 296  (321)
Petukhov A. K. , Petrov G. A. , Stepanov S. I. , Nikolaev D. V. , Zvezdkina T. K. , Petrova V. I. , Markova E. S. , Ivanov V. V., Morozov V. F. , Asymmetry in the separation of fragments of the fission of U235 and Pu239 by slow polarized neutrons 300  (324)
Bogdanova L.N., Markushin V. E., On the width of the σ→Λ conversion of λ-hypernuclei 305  (330)

Permission given by American Institute of Physics is appreciated.