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VOLUME 32 (1980) | ISSUE 6 CONTENTS page number of Russian version in brackets
Ganenko V. B. , Gendenshtein L E., Miroshnichenko I.I., Morokhovskii V. L., Pengushin E. V., Sanin V. M. , Shalatskii S. V. , Structure in the orientational dependences and radiation spectra produced as a result of transmission of ultrarelativistic electrons through diamond and silicon single crystals 373  (397)
Nikitenko V. I. , Dedukh L. M., Gornakov V. S. , Kabanov Yu. P. , Resonant generation of Bloch lines 377  (402)
Asadullin Ya. Ya. , Mechanisms for formation of a radio-frequency echo in powders 380  (405)
Parail V. V., Pogutse O. P., Electron thermal conductivity in a tokamak 384  (408)
Zhilinskii A. P. , Kuteev B. V., Larionov M. M., Lebedev A. D. , Mukhaikin S. S., Nikiforov V. A., Rozhanskii V. A., Tsendin L. D., Investigation of the transfer of impurities in experiments on the injection of macroparticles into FT-1 Tokamak 387  (412)
Rizakhanov M. A. , Magomedov M. A., Magomedov Kh. A., Activation energies of purely thermal and photostimulated desorption of oxygen from the surface of CdSe 392  (416)
Batyev E. G., Borisyuk V. A. , Excitonic insulator as a ferroelectric material 395  (419)
Iordanskii S.V., Smirnov A.V. , Model of the magnetic transition at the interface of solid and liquid He3 398  (422)
Shcherbakov A. S., Prekul A. F., Pomortsev R. V. , Activation conductivity of alloys with a negative temperature coefficient of resistance (TCR) 401  (425)
Benderskii V. A. , Misochko E. Ya., Ovchinnikov A. A., Filippov P. G., Observation of the upper temperature limit of ignition in low temperature, solid-phase reactions 405  (429)
Boiko V. V. , Ovchinnikova L., Landysheva G. N. , Nonlinear absorption of high-frequency energy by tungsten at large electromagnetic-wave amplitudes 408  (432)
Naumenko V. M. , Eremenko V. V., Bandura V. M., Pishko V. V. , Coherent rearrangement of the spin-wave spectrum of an antiferromagnetic cobalt fluoride with a manganese impurity (CoF2 + 4× 1o-3Mn2+) 412  (436)
Shikin V.B., Leiderer P., Many-electron holes on the surface of liquid helium 416  (439)
Kruchina E. N., Sagdeev R. Z. , Shapiro V. D., Strong Langmuir turbulence as a source of radio emission 419  (443)
Benetskii B. A. , Klyachko A. V., Nefedov V. V., Frank I. M., Shtranikh I. V. , First-neutron excitation of levels with a large neutron width in the region of isobar-analog states 423  (447)
Nemets O. F. , Ostashko V. V., Yasnogorodskii A. M., Investigation of the 11 to 13-MeV excitation region of a 7Be nucleus in the 3He(α, p0.16 Li reactions 427  (451)
Abrikosov A. A. Jr, Instantons in a quark plasma. A two-loop correction. 429  (454)

Permission given by American Institute of Physics is appreciated.