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VOLUME 32 (1980) | ISSUE 7 CONTENTS page number of Russian version in brackets
Avrorin E. N. , Zuev A. I. , Karlykhanov N. G. , Lykov V. A. , Chernyakov V. E., Targets and parameters of lasers for producing a flash and for a hybrid reactor 437  (457)
Atsarkin V. A. , Demidov V. V., Khlebnikov S. Ya., Evidence of dipole spin glass in magnetically dilute dielectric CaF2:Er3+ 440  (461)
Vodop'yanov B.P., Znikharev V. A., Theory of superconducting alloys with rare-earth impurities 443  (464)
Lebedev V. P., Khotkevich V. I. , Influence of dynamic intermediate state on the softening of a type I superconductor 445  (466)
Tolpygo S. K., Tulin V. A., Anomalous impedance of a superconductor in the resistive state caused by microwave irradiation 448  (468)
Romanyuk N. I. , Shpenik O. B., Zapesochnyi I. P. , Cross sections and characteristics of electron scattering by calcium, strontium, and barium atoms 452  (472)
Bogdanova Kh. , Golenishchev-Kutuzov V. A., Monakhov A. A., Kuz'ko A. V. , Lukomskii V. P., Chovnyuk Yu. V., Observation of magnetoacoustic solutions in KMnF3 single crystals in the neighbourhood of NMR 456  (476)
Petrov A. V. , Bocharnikov V. I. , Godik E. E., Sinis V. P. , Observation of a photodielectric effect associated with the excited states of shallow acceptors in germanium 459  (479)
Veg L., Kopeliovich B. Z. , Lapidus L. I. , Tensor polarization in the pd backward scattering at intermediate energies 461  (481)
Martem'yanov B. V. , Khlopov M. Yu., Shchepkin M. G., Neutrino oscillations and νe scattering 464  (484)
Bugorskii A. P. , Budyakin G. S. , Vyrodov V. N. , Gurevich I.I., Kirillov B.F., Kozlov Yu. V. , Martem'yanov V. P. , Sukhotin S. V. , Tarasenkov V. G., Khakimov S. Kh. , Search for neutron activity in targets irradiated by 70-GeV protons 467  (487)
Gurvich E.G., Multiplicity and correlation distribution in a quark jet 471  (491)
Kaidalov A. B. , Electromagnetic form factors of hadrons at large Q2 and the confinement effects 474  (494)
Abramovskii V. A. , Kancheli O.V. , Regge processes and chromodynamics 478  (498)
Belovitskii G. E. , Baryshnikov A. N. , Panitkin Yu. G., Presnyak O. S., Investigation of the possibility of excitation of isobar-analog states in the 208Pb(np) reaction 482  (502)

Permission given by American Institute of Physics is appreciated.