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VOLUME 32 (1980) | ISSUE 9 CONTENTS page number of Russian version in brackets
Golenishchev-Kutuzov V. A. , Migachev S.A. , Appearance of negative spin temperature in the presence of a nonresonant acoustic stimulus 527  (545)
Bersuker I. B. , Vekhter B. G. , Zenchenko V. P., Ismailzade I. G. , Ismailov R. M., Rez I. S., Magnetic control of nonlinear dielectric properties of polar crystals 531  (549)
Kushnir V. I., Suvorov E. V., Experimental observation of dynamic focusing of x rays by a uniformly bent crystal in the Laue case 534  (551)
Labushkin V. G., Sarkisyan V. A., Effective variation of hyperfine interaction as a result of collective excitation of nuclei 537  (555)
Zinov'ev A. N., Korotko A. A., Kryhizhanovskii E. R., Afrosimov V. V. , Gordeev Yu. S., Radial distribution of the concentration of oxygen nuclei in the plasma of the T-10 Tokamak 539  (557)
Arakelyan S. M., Galstyan S. R. , Garibyan O. V. , Karayan A. S., Chilingaryan Yu. S., Strong, nonlinear, optical activity in the nematic phase of a liquid crystal 543  (561)
Grazhdankina N. P. , Medvedeva I. V., Pasheev A. V., New magnetic properties of MnSb alloy produced after subjecting it to a high pressure and temperature 547  (565)
Lushchik Ch.B., Vasil'chenko E. A. , Lushchik A. Ch., Lushchik N. E. , Soovik Kh. A., Taiirov M. M. , Decay of excitons into defects and polarized luminescence produced as a result of recombination of the defects in CsBr 550  (568)
Gol'danskii V. I. , Emission of β+-delayed pairs of protons and doubly β+ -delayed protons and a particles 554  (572)
Konshtein S. E., Fradkin E. S. , Asymptotically supersymmetrical model of a single interaction based on E8 557  (575)
Solov'ev L. S., Kuznetsova T. D., Internal structure of relativistic stars 561  (579)

Permission given by American Institute of Physics is appreciated.