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VOLUME 32 (1980) | ISSUE 11 CONTENTS page number of Russian version in brackets
Andronov A. A., Valov V. A., Kozlov V. A. , Mazov L. S., Large reduction of the Gunn-effect threshold field in a strong magnetic field 615  (628)
Petviashvili V.I., Red spot of Jupiter and the drift soliton in a plasma 619  (632)
Baranova N. B., Zel'dovich B. Ya., Enhanced transmission of an unoriented mesophase of nematics for the ordinary wave 622  (636)
Andreev N. F. , Bespalov V. I. , Kiselev A. M. , Matveev A. Z. , Pasmanik G. A. , Shilov A. A. , Wave-front inversion of weak optical signals with a large reflection coefficient 625  (639)
Osipov M. A. , Steric interaction of molecules and the flexoelectric effect in smectic-C liquid crystals 629  (643)
Gurevich L. E., Zegrya G. G., The possibility of low-frequency, electromagnetic waves in metals 633  (646)
Polyanovskii V.M., Electrodimensional resonance in semiconductor films 637  (651)
Andreev A.F. , Strictive superstructures in two-dimensional phase transitions 640  (654)
Stepanov G. N., Yakovlev E.N. , Superconductivity of sulfur at high pressure 643  (657)
Bagaev S. N. , Belyaev M. V., Dmitriev A. K., Chebotaev V. P., Observation of anomalous Zeeman effect in the F2(2) line of methane 648  (661)
Alanakyan K. V., Amaryan M. Dzh., Demirchyan R. A., Egiyan K. Sh., Karumyan Dzh. V., Kocharova Zh. L., Ogandzhanyan M. S., Sharabyan Yu. G. , Spectra of \pi^\pm mesons in an inclusive reaction γ C→ π X induced by bremsstrahlung γ quanta with a maximum energy of 4.5 GeV 652  (666)
Efremov A. V. , Ivanov S. V. , Mikhailov S. V. , Deep, inelastic, Compton scattering as a test of the model with integral-charge quarks 656  (669)
Dolgov A. D. , Production of massless particles by a conformally flat, gravitational field 660  (673)
Azimov Ya. I., Khoze V. A., Predicted properties of a superheavylepton 664  (677)
Volkov L. V., Tkach V. I., Spontaneous compactification of subspace due to interaction of the Einstein fields with the gauge fields 668  (681)
Chkareuli Dzh. L, Quark-lepton families: from SU(5) to SU(8) symmetry Dzh. L 671  (684)

Permission given by American Institute of Physics is appreciated.