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VOLUME 42 (1985) | ISSUE 11 CONTENTS page number of Russian version in brackets
Aliev Yu. M., Zharov A. A., Kondrat'ev I. G., Frolov A. A., Resonant absorption of intense electromagnetic radiation in an inhomogeneous plasma 539  (437)
Sel'kin A. V., Syrbu N. N., Umanets A. G., Inverse hydrogen-like spectrum of ZnP2 in a magnetic field 542  (439)
Dyugaev A. M., Comparison of the properties of liquid He3 and liquid He4 545  (442)
Kuznetsov A. I., Laisaar A. I., Shcherbakov V. S., Changes caused in the energy structure of self-trapped excitons by hydrostatic pressure in CsI and RbI crystals 549  (444)
Kharchenko N. F., Bibik A. V., Eremenko V. V., Quadratic magnetic rotation of the polarization plane of light in the antiferromagnet CoF2 553  (447)
Volkov V. A., Mikhailov S. A., Theory of edge magnetoplasmons in a two-dimensional electron gas 556  (450)
Abelyashev G. N., Berzhanskii V. N., Sergeev N. A., Fedotov Yu. V., Multiple echos and multiquantum effects in the NMR of magnetically ordered substances 561  (453)
Balbashov A. M., Volkov A. A., Kozlov G. V., Lebedev S. P., Mukhin A. A., Pronin A. Yu., Prokhorov A. S., Prokhorov A. M., Observation in TmFeO3 of direct electronic transitions inside the principal multiplet of a rare-earth ion 564  (456)
Maksimov A. A., Tartakovskii I.I., Propagation and relaxation of rf acoustic phonons in thin crystal plates 568  (458)
Botvina A. S., Il'inov A. S., Mishustin I. N., Multifragmentation of nuclei by high-energy protons 572  (462)
Ishkhanov B. S., Kapitonov I. M., Configurational splitting of the giant dipole resonance of nuclei of the 2s 2d shell 576  (465)
Baranov S. P., Komar A. A., Possible mechanism for inclusive production of η mesons in hadron-hadron collisions 579  (467)
Andrianov V. A., Novozhilov V. Yu., Effective chiral Lagrangians in QCD and the skyrmion 583  (469)
Drukarev E. G., Strikman M. I., Final-state interaction of a β particle and associated phenomena 586  (472)

Permission given by American Institute of Physics is appreciated.