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VOLUME 41 (1985) | ISSUE 6 CONTENTS page number of Russian version in brackets
Sannikov D. G., Anomalies in the dispersion of the dielectric susceptibility of intrinsic toroics 277  (229)
Zavaritskaya E. I., Hopping conductivity of germanium bicrystals in strong electric fields at T < 1 K 279  (231)
Akimenko A. I., Ponomarenko N. M., Yanson I. K., Point-contact spectroscopy of the intermetallic valence-fluctuation compound CeNi5 in the ballistic regime 285  (235)
Romanenko A. I., Dzhunusov A. K., Kuropyatnik I. N., Kholopov E. V., Activation nature of the relaxation of the electrical resistance in a quasi-one-dimensional compound Mo2S3 288  (237)
Akulin V. M., Vurdov V. D., Esadze G. G., Karlov N. V., Prokhorov A. M., Khokhlov E. M., UV many-photon ionization of vibrationally excited polyatomic molecules 291  (239)
Dianov E. M., Karasik A. Ya., Mamyshev P. V., Prokhorov A. M., Serkin V. N., Stel'makh M. F., Fomichev A. A., Stimulated-Raman conversion of multisoliton pulses in quartz optical fibers 294  (242)
Gorodetskii E. E., Podnek V. E., Spatial dimension of a liquid-crystal lattice 298  (244)
Anisimov M. A., Voronov V. P., Kul'kov A. O., Kholmurodov F., Heat capacity anomaly near transitions between nematic and smectic phases and fluctuational nature of the NAC point 302  (248)
Panosyan Zh. R., Kasamanyan Z. A., Mailyan A. R., Observation of a series of surface excitons in ZnO associated with intrinsic two-dimensional surface subbands 307  (251)
Aliev F. M., Three states of a cholesteric liquid crystal in micropores 310  (254)
Afonikova N. S., Khasanov S. S., Shmyt'ko I. M., Cooling-induced structural changes in proustite crystals 314  (256)
Krichevtsov B. B., Pisarev R. V., Selitskii A. G., Electromagnetooptical effect in yttrium garnet ferrite, Y3Fe5O12 317  (259)
Kukushkin I. V., Timofeev V. B., Cheremnykh P. A., Activated magnetoconductivity in the region of fractional quantization of the Hall resistance in a silicon metal-insulator-semiconductor structure 321  (262)
Pudalov V. M., Semenchinskii S. G., Edel'man V. S., Valley splitting in the electron spectrum of a Si inversion layer 325  (265)
Dubetskii B. Ya., Chebotaev V. P., Echos in classical and quantum ensembles with determinate frequencies 328  (267)
Model' I. Sh., Narozhnyi A. T., Kharchenko A. I., Kholin S. A., Khrustalev V. V., Equations of state for graphite, aluminum, titanium, and iron at pressures >13 Mbar 332  (270)
Kazakov D. I., Axial anomaly in supersymmetry gauge theories 335  (272)
Barsov S. G., Getalov A. L., Gordeev V. A., Kuz'min L. A., Kruglov S. P., Mikirtych'yants S. M., Shcherbakov G. V., Krasnoperov E. P., Smilga V. P., Storchak V. G., Muon-spin relaxation in para-hydrogen 338  (275)
Ivanov Yu. B., Satarov L. M., Partial transparency of nuclei and universal properties of proton spectra in collisions of relativistic protons and nuclei with nuclei 340  (277)
Dolgov A. D., Field model with a dynamic cancellation of the cosmological constant 345  (280)

Permission given by American Institute of Physics is appreciated.