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VOLUME 38 (1983) | ISSUE 1 CONTENTS page number of Russian version in brackets
Baltrameyunas R., Gavryushin V., Kubertavichyus V., Rachyukaitis G., On the nonlinear absorption of light in ZnO single crystals 1  (3)
Altukhov P. D., Ivanov A. V., Lomasov Yu. N., Rogachev A. A., Recombination radiation of nonequilibrium electron-hole pairs associated with a surface charge layer in silicon 4  (5)
Karfidov D. M., Sergeichev K. F., Electron acceleration in a sequence of localized plasma resonances 8  (8)
Sonin E. B., Orientational phase transition near a vortex in 3He-B 11  (11)
Gribkov V. M., Kadomtsev B. B., Pogutse O. P., Plasma pressure surges due to the growth of ballooning modes 15  (14)
Strashnikova M. I., Komarov A. V., Reznichenko V. Ya., Chernyi V. V., Abramishvili V. G., Appearance of Fano antiresonance in excited exciton states In CdS 19  (18)
Nasredinov F. S., Prokof'eva L. V., Zarubo S. V., Kurmantaev A. N., Seregin P. P., Observation of two-electron exchange between tin centers in solid Pb1-xSnxSe solutions 22  (20)
Permogorov S. A., Reznitskii A. N., Verbin S.Yu., Bonch-Bruevich V. A., Dispersion of lifetimes of localized excitons in the solid solution CdS1-xSex 25  (22)
Bazhan A. N., Magnetic susceptibility of the dilute antiferromagnet Mn0.2Zn0.8F2 29  (25)
Berezhiani Z. G., Chkareuli Dzh. L., Proton decay in grand unified models with horizontal symmetry 33  (28)
Shvedov A. A., Dobrikov V. N., Nemets O. F., Mechanism responsible for formation of the anomaly in the reaction 12C(d, 6Li)8Be 36  (32)
Soroka V. A., Some representations of an SU(2) expanded supersymmetry group with central charges 40  (35)
Semikhatov A. M., Stochastic quantization of gauge theories 44  (38)
Mostovoi Yu. A., Erratum: Determination of GA/GV from the set of three angular-correlation coefficients observed in the decay of the free neutron [JETP Lett,37, No. 3, 196-197(5 February 1983)] 47  (42)
Ioffe B. L., Smilga A. V., Erratum: Proton and neutron magnetic moments in quantum chromodynamics [JETP Lett. 37, No. 5, 298-301(5 March 1983)] 48  (42)

Permission given by American Institute of Physics is appreciated.