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VOLUME 21 (1975) | ISSUE 7 CONTENTS page number of Russian version in brackets
Demirkhanov R.A. , Gevorkov A.K., Popov A.F. , Kolmakov O.A., Concerning the article by L.P. Zakatov and A.G. Plakhov "Mechanism of plasma heating by an electron beam in a probkotron machine" 189  (413)
Grin' V.F. , Lepsveridze D.S., Sal'kov E.A. , Shepel'skii G.A., Change of the electron-phonon interaction parameter in CdS by uniaxial compression or by an electric field 190  (415)
Zavoiskii E.K. , Certain properties of diffusion-magnetized metals 191  (418)
Breizman B.N., Ryutov D.D., Heating of a dense plasma by a powerful beam of relativistic electrons 192  (421)
Andreev S.I. , Belousova I.M. , Dashuk P.N. , Zaroslov D.Yu., Zobov E.A. , Karlov N.V. , Kuz'min G.P. , Nikiforov S.M., Prokhorov A.M. , Sidorov A.N., Chelnokov L.L., Yarysheva M.D., CO2 laser initiated by a gliding discharge 194  (424)
Im Thek-de, Podavalova O.P. , Popov A.K., Tartakovskii G.Kh., Resonant four-photon parametric processes in Ne in the field of a single-frequency He-Ne laser, and their use in nonlinear spectroscopy 195  (427)
Kaminskii A.S. , Pokrovksii Ya.E., Recombination magnetism of electron-hole drops 197  (431)
Bogomolov V.N. , Kumzerov Yu.A. , Fluctuations in mercury filaments five atoms in diameter 198  (434)
Kaplyanskii A.A. , Basun S.A. , Rachin V.A., Titov R.A. , Anisotropy of resonant absorption of high-frequency 0.87 X 1012 Hz phonons in the excited state of 3 + ions in ruby 200  (438)
Lugovoi V.N. , Strel'tsov V.N., Possibility of selected excitation of molecule vibrations in a field with time-varying frequency 202  (442)
Zvezdin A.K. , Red'ko V.G., Domain structure of a ferromagnet in a rapidly oscillating magnetic field 203  (442)
Pospelov V.V., Suris R.A., Fetisov E.A. , Fuks B.N., Khafizov R.Z. , New method of determining the density of states on the surface of a semiconductor 204  (448)
Avakyan R.O. , Avakyan R.O., Arutyunyan L.G., Darbinyan S.M., Kalashnikov N.P. , Orientational dependence of the yield of bremsstrahlung photons of maximum energy in crystals 206  (451)
Volkov D.V. , Zheltukhin A.A., Pashnev A.I. , Quark structure of resonances as a consequence of spontaneous vacuum transitions in dual models 207  (454)
Adamovich M.I. , Kharlamov S.P., Larionova V.G., Yagudina F.R., Coulomb dissociation of relativistic hadrons on nuclei and giant dipole resonances 209  (458)
Bayukov Yu.D. , Vorob'ev L.S., Leksin G.A., Pivnyuk N.A., Stolin V.L., Fedorov V.B., Investigation of the spectrum of protons emitted by the C12 nucleus at 900 angle when bombarded by 1-GeV/c negative pions 210  (461)
Markushin V.E. , Knockout of an isobar from a deuteron 211  (463)

Permission given by American Institute of Physics is appreciated.