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VOLUME 38 (1983) | ISSUE 3 CONTENTS page number of Russian version in brackets
Zavaritskii N. V., Kvon Z. D., Phonon-electron interaction in silicon inversion layers 97  (85)
Shuklin A.P., Parametric excitation of surface waves in a semi-infinite plasma 101  (88)
Dorokhov O. N. , Hopping conductivity at low frequencies in a disordered metallic chain 105  (91)
Kaganov V. I., Plyavenek A. G., Singularities of the dielectric-constant tensor (DCT) of the electron liquid in metals 109  (94)
Eremenko V. V., Naumenko V. M., Pashkevich Yu. G., Pishko V. V., Observation of exchange modes of antiferromagnetic resonance in CuCI2• 2H2O 112  (97)
Golik A. V., Korolyuk A. P., Khizhnyi V. I., Anomalous electromagnetic transparency of tungsten in low magnetic fields 116  (100)
Ablyazov N. N., Raikh M. E., Efros A. L., Fluctuation model of a gap-free semiconductor 120  (103)
Zel'dovich Ya. B., One-dimensional phase transition and epitaxy 123  (105)
Zharikov O. V., Conductance and anomalous magnetoresistance of germanium bicrystals at low temperatures 126  (108)
Mel'nikov V. I., Meshkov S. V., Brownian motion of quantum particles 130  (111)
Timofeev A. V., Cyclotron radiation from a dense plasma 133  (114)
Lomtev A. I., Langmuir solitons in an inhomogeneous unsteady plasma 137  (117)
Apatin V. P., Makarov G. N., Direct measurements of the lifetimes of polyatomic molecules vibrationally excited above the dissociation threshold in intersecting laser and molecule beams 141  (120)
Golo V. L., Leman A. A., Fomin I. A., Pulsed NMR in 3He-B for a non-Leggett configuration 146  (123)
Ovsyuk N. N., Energy dependence of the relaxation time of electrons and holes in germanium. Anisotropy effects. 149  (126)
Al'tshuler B. L., Aronov A. G., Interaction between localized magnetic moments in disordered conductors 153  (128)
Apenko S. M., Appearance of a bound state in the two-body problem and the e expansion 157  (132)
Ivanov M. A., Fishman A. Ya., State density and heat capacity of Jahn-Teller centers in random fields 160  (135)
Knyaz'kov V. A., Kolomenskii E. A., Lobashev V. M., Nazarenko V. A., Pirozhkov A. N., Sobolev Yu. V., Shablii A. I., Shul'gina E. V., New measurement of the circular polarization of γ-rays in the reaction np → dγ 163  (138)
Bondarenko L. N., Zhukov S. V., Kuznetsov V. L., Mostovoi, Beda A. G., Vodennikov B. D., Danilyan G. V., Dronyaev V. P., Kutsenko V. A., Novitskii V. V., Pavlov V. S., Kolobashkin V. M., Korobkina E. I., Pevchev Yu. F., Sadchikov A. G., P-odd symmetry in the transmission of longitudinally polarized thermal neutrons by uranium-233 168  (141)
Alkhazov G. D., Bykov A. A., Vitman V. D., Naumov Yu. V., Orlov S. Yu., Tarasov V. K., Suppression of the strength of spin-isospin excitations in β+ decay 171  (144)
Krivoruchenko M. I., Spin-orbit coupling of quarks and magnetic moments of baryons 173  (146)
Linde A. D., Chaotic inflating universe 176  (149)
Solov'ev V. G., Sushkov A. V., Shirikova N. Yu., Description of Gamow-Teller resonances in deformed nuclei 179  (151)

Permission given by American Institute of Physics is appreciated.