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VOLUME 38 (1983) | ISSUE 4 CONTENTS page number of Russian version in brackets
Aksenov V. L., Didyk A. Yu., Plakida N. M., Attenuation of ultrasound in quasi-one-dimensional ferroelectrics 183  (157)
Fridkin V. M., Lazarev V. G., Levin Yu. E., Rodin A. I., Hall effect for bulk photovoltaic current in the piezoelectric ZnS 186  (159)
Gonchar V. V., Kanash O. V., Fedorus A. G., Electron-stimulated ordering of adsorbed films 189  (162)
Lyuksyutov I. F., Substrate defects and commensurate-incommensurate phase transition in adsorbed films 193  (165)
Akhmediev N. N., Zvezdin A. K., Spatial dispersion and new magneto-optical effects in magnetically ordered crystals 196  (167)
Vysloukh V. A., Serkin V. N., Generation of high-energy solitons of stimulated Raman radiation in fiber light guides 199  (170)
Pudalov V. M., Semenchinskii S. G., Relationship between the components of the magnetoresistance tensor under conditions of the quantum Hall effect 202  (173)
Sibel'din N. N., Stopachinskii V. B., Tikhodeev S. G., Tsvetkov V. A., Formation of a layer of electron-hole drops with the expansion of a cloud of nonequilibrium charge carriers with transonic velocity 207  (177)
Bonch-Bruevich V. L., Kachlishvili T. Z., Nonlinear optical and acoustic absorption in substances with weakly bound atoms 211  (180)
Volkov A. A., Kozlov G. V., Mirzoev G. I., Gofman V. G., Submillimeter vibrational spectra of the superionic conductor RbAg4l5 213  (182)
Antonov V. S., Egorov S. E., Letokhov V. S., Shibanov A. N., Laser photoionization detection of submonomolecular surface films 217  (185)
Eliashberg G. M., Electrical current and magnetic fields in conductors with mirror-isomeric structure 220  (188)
Khlyustikov I. N., Khaikin M. S., Twinning-induced increase in the superconducting transition temperature of tin 224  (191)
Bychkov Yu. A., Rashba E. I., Quantized Hall effect due to charge density waves 229  (195)
Gnatchenko S. L., Eremenko V. V., Sofroneev S. V., Kharchenko N. F., Photoinduced linear birefringence in a crystal with cooperative ordering of Jahn-Teller distortions 233  (198)
Kalashnikov O. K., Long-lived t quark 237  (201)
Gaponov Yu. V., Hypothesis of Wigner SU(4) symmetry and experimental value of gA/gv for nucleons of nuclear matter 240  (204)
Abramov V. V., Baldin B. Yu., Buzulutskov A. F., Vrazhnov Yu. N., Glebov V. Yu., Dyshkant A. S., Evdokimov V. N., Efimov A. O., Zmushko V. V., Krinitsyn A. N., Kryshkin V. I., Kul'man N. Yu., Podstavkov V. M., Sulyaev R. M., Turchanovich L. K., Production of large-PT momentum-asymmetric hadron pairs in pp collisions at 70 GeV 243  (206)
Ammosov V. V., Asratyan A. E., Berge J. P., Bogert D., Gapienko V. A., Gapienko G. S., Gorichev P. A., Denisov A. G., Efremenko V. I., Zaets V. G., Klyukhin V. I., Koreshev V. I., Kruchinin S. P., Kubantsev M. A., Malko J. A., Makhlyueva I. V., Nezrick F. A., Orava R., Pitukhin P. V., Sirotenko V. I., Slobodyuk E. A., Fedotov A. V., Hanft R., Shevchenko V. G., Shekelyan V. I., Azimuthal asymmetry of negatively charged hadrons in the reaction \bar{\nu}N \to \mu^+h^-X 248  (210)
Belovitskii G. E., Petitjean C., Dynamics of muon-induced fission of uranium nuclei 251  (212)
Krasnikov N. V., Triangle anomaly at a nonzero temperature in quantum chromodynamics 255  (215)
Troitskii M. A., Khodel' V. A., Hadron bubbles in nuclear matter 258  (218)
Dudarev S. L., Ryazanov M. I., Energy limits of Bragg diffraction of charged particles in a single crystal 261  (221)

Permission given by American Institute of Physics is appreciated.