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VOLUME 38 (1983) | ISSUE 5 CONTENTS page number of Russian version in brackets
Chernozatonskii L. A., Phonon jets: streamer-breakdown channels in crystals 265  (225)
Kononetz Yu. V., Dzhamankyzov N. K., Asymptotic theory of transmission of fast diatomic ions through thin films 269  (228)
Medvedev L. I., Mustafin R. G., Zamaleev I. G., Kharakhash'yan E. G., Observation of pulsed spin transparency of a metal 274  (232)
Chenskii E. V., Yu. Ya. Tkach, Interpretation of the oscillations of the longitudinal conductivity corresponding to a two-dimensional impurity band 277  (235)
Bairamov B. Kh., Irmer G., Moneke I., Toporov V. V., Experimental observation of spectral fine structure in the light scattered by local dielectric modes 281  (238)
Prigodin V. N., Firsov Yu. A., Anderson transition in a disordered quasi-one-dimensional system 284  (241)
Knab O. D., Frolov V. D., Photostimulated generation of current oscillations in a semiconducting structure 287  (244)
Gandel'man G. M., Kondratenko P. S., Complete suppression of metallic reflection upon the resonant excitation of surface plasma waves 291  (246)
Zavaritskii V. N., Anzin V. B., Effect of the current on the plateau width in the quantum Hall effect 294  (249)
Kalugina N. A., Skok E. M., Magnetic-field-stabilized electron-hole liquid in InSb 297  (251)
Kaner E. A., Chebotarev L. V., Geometric resonance in low-frequency conductivity of one-dimensional metals 300  (253)
Veselago V. G., Minakov A. A., Myagkov A. V., Relaxation of the remanent magnetization of ZnxCd1-xCr2Se4 spin glasses with a cubic magnetocrystalline anisotropy 303  (255)
Genkina E. A., Dem'yanets L. N., Ivanov-Shits A. K., Maksimov B. A., Mel'nikov O. K., Simonov V. I., High ionic conductivity in the compounds Li3Fe2(P04)3 and Li3Sc2(PO4)3 305  (257)
Chetkin M. V., Gadetskii S. N., Kink on the domain wall in orthoferrite 308  (260)
Voronov N. A., Kogan Ya. I., Spontaneous compaction in Kaluza-Klein models and the Casimir effect 311  (262)
Vesna V. A., Egorov A. I., Kolomenskii E. A., Kornyushkin A. F., Lobashev V. M., Okunev I. S., Peskov B. G., Pirozhkov A. N., Smotritskii L. M., Titov N. A., Shul'gina E. V., Search for P-odd asymmetry in the α emission in the capture of polarized thermal neutrons by 6Li and 10B nuclei 315  (265)

Permission given by American Institute of Physics is appreciated.