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VOLUME 38 (1983) | ISSUE 10 CONTENTS page number of Russian version in brackets
Lominadze Dzh. G., Moiseev S. S., Tsikarishvili E. G., Influence of relativistic effects on the penetration of a wave beam into a dense plasma 571  (473)
Kochelaev B. I., Nazarov Yu. G., Khasanov A. Kh., Light superscattering by the spin system of paramagnetic ions 573  (475)
Aleksandrova I. V., Danilov A. E., Korn G., Orlov V. V., Sklizkov G. V., Fedotov S. I., Observation of laser scattering at ω0 and 0 by a plasma region with a density well below the critical density 577  (478)
Kudel'kin N. N., Randoshkin V. V., Magnetic vortices in ferrite-garnet films 581  (481)
Veliknov E. P., Dan'shchikov E. V., Dymshakov V. A., Dykhne A. M., Lebedev F. V., Pis'menni V. D., Rysev B. P., Ryazanov A. V., Amplification of the surface elastic wave in a solid tracked by a laser beam 584  (483)
Beznosov A. B., Gnezdilov V. P., Eremenko V. V., d-f exchange resonance and the "j polaron" in metallic gadolinium 587  (486)
Wiegmann P. B., Tsvelik A. M., Solution of the Kondo problem for an orbital singlet 591  (489)
Bakiev A. M., Dneprovskii V. S., Kovalyuk Z. D., Stadnik V. A., Optical bistability related to excitons in an uncooled semiconductor 596  (493)
Butashin A. V., Demokritov S. O., Kreines N. M., Kudinov V. I., Light modulation by a magnetic resonance in a paramagnet 600  (496)
Landau I. L., Kubatkin S. E., Sharvin Yu. V., Deposition of cadmium films through a layer of liquid helium 603  (499)
Frolov A. M., Dynamic algebras of the two-center Coulomb problem 607  (501)
Gusev G. A., Zheleznykh I. M., Neutrino and muon detection from the radio-emission of cascades created by them in natural dielectric media 611  (505)
Volkov D. V., Spinor structure of superspaces 615  (508)
Turbiner A. V., Hydrogen molecule in a strong magnetic field 618  (510)

Permission given by American Institute of Physics is appreciated.