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VOLUME 38 (1983) | ISSUE 11 CONTENTS page number of Russian version in brackets
Baranov P. G., Bulanyi M. F., Vetrov V. A., Romanov N. G., Optically detected ESR in ZnS and ZnS:Mn crystals 623  (517)
Karpman V. I., Shagalov A. G., Steady-state self-focusing of whistlers 626  (520)
Zhukov V. S., Soliton structure of lattice vibrations in a one-dimensional anharmonic chain 630  (523)
Abdullaev G. B., Abutalybov G. I., Aliev A. A., Larionkina L. S., Neiman-zade I. K., Salaev E. Yu., Free and bound excitons in TlInS2 crystal 632  (525)
Sviridovskii L. S., Galaev A. A., Goryunova I.I., The clean Si(111)-2x1 surface: large nonequilibrium band curvature 635  (527)
Bogdankevich O. V., Borisov N. A., Veselago V. G., Pryalkin V. I., Faifer V. N., Kholodnykh A. I., Kovaleva I. S., Levshin V. L., Luminescence of ferromagnetic semiconductor HgCr2Se4 with quantumenergy exceeding the width of the forbidden band 639  (529)
Danileiko M. V., Fal' A. M., Fedin V. P., Yatsenko L. P., Intradoppler spectroscopy of a three-level gas in the field of a frequency modulated traveling wave 643  (532)
Karpov V. G., Parshin D. A., State density of a system of anharmonic oscillators in a glass 648  (536)
Sukhodol'skii A. T., Stimulated Raman scattering with distributed feedback 651  (539)
Iordanskii S. V., Korshunov S. E., Quantum effects in a faceting transition 655  (542)
Lyakhov S. B., Managadze G. G., Petrov M. S., Shlyuger I. S., Observation of pulsating luminescence of the lower ionosphere, synchronous with pulsed action of a powerful radio wave 658  (544)
Belikov S. V., Volkov A. A., Kochetkov V. I., Mukhin A. I., Sviridov Yu. M., Shestermanov K. E., Bounds on neutrino oscillation parameters from quasielastic scattering in the Serpukhov neutrino beams 661  (547)
Sherstyuk A. I., Sturm spectral representations of Green's functions in the theory of many- fermion systems 666  (550)
Iyudin A. F., Kirillov-Ugryumov V. G., Kotov Yu. D., Smirnov Yu. V., Yurov V. N., Shurshakov V. A., Pulsed precipitation of protons with Ep > 500 MeV from the L = 2 shell during a magnetic storm 669  (553)

Permission given by American Institute of Physics is appreciated.