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VOLUME 37 (1983) | ISSUE 2 | PAGE 68
Local temperature of a plasma corona
The temperature of a laser plasma is usually determined from its x-ray emission. The electron temperature Te found by this method, however, is an average over space and time, while we are more interested in the local value of this temperature in the absorption zone. Avrov et al.1 suggested determining the temperature from the distance between the "red" and "violet" satellites of the (3/2) ω0 harmonic. The arguments advanced in Ref. 1, however, apply only just above the threshold for the instability involving the decay of the incident electromagnetic wave into two plasma waves (the 2&>pe instability). In the present letter we show that the electron temperature in the absorption zone can be determined over a broad range of laser beam intensities by measuring the temporal profile of the emission at the (3/2) ω0 harmonic.