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VOLUME 37 (1983) | ISSUE 2 | PAGE 103
Orbital angular momentum in B phase of 3He and its effect on the texture in a rotating vessel
The В phase of 3He in a magnetic field Η has, in addition to the spin angular momentum S~H, an orbital angular momentum L{ ~RikSk, where Rik is the rotational matrix enteringinto the order parameter oPHe-ΒΔ (T)Rjkei<f). A change in the energy of the fluid Ω L,^niRikHk caused by the rotation of the vessel with angular velocity Ω has an orientating effect on the order parameter, comparable in magnitude to the orienting effect of vortices. It is proposed that the magnitude of L be measured from the shift of the NMR spectrum in rotating 3He-5.