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VOLUME 33 (1981) | ISSUE 1 CONTENTS page number of Russian version in brackets
Galkin A. A., Tsymbal L. T., Cherkasov A. N., Separation of ballistic-type and wave-type electromagnetic excitations in a metal 1  (3)
Brazovskii S. A., Kirova N. N., Excitons, polarons, and bipolarons in conducting polymers 4  (6)
Bashkin E. P., Spin waves in polarized paramagnetic gases 8  (11)
Prokof'eva L. V., Zarubo S. V., Nasredinov F. S., Seregin P. P., Charge exchange of tin atoms in Pb1-xSnxS solid solutions 12  (14)
Agekyan V. F., Vasil'ev N. N., Stepanov Yu. A., Screening of excitons in cuprous oxide 14  (16)
Volosevich P. P., Rozanov V. B., Conversion of laser radiation into fast electrons in the LTF problem 17  (19)
Ellervee' , Laisaar A. I., Oper A. M. A., Hyperfine interaction as a reason for removing the forbiddenness of a phononless transition in an impurity center 21  (24)
Yakushkin E. D., Baranov A. I., Shuvalov L. A., Critical anomalies of the velocity and absorption of sound in a quasi-one-dimensional ferroelectric material CsH2PO4 24  (27)
Demirkhanov R. A., Kirov A. G., Ruchko L. F., Sukachev A. V., Generation of steady-state currents and transfer control in a toroidal magnetic trap due to Alfven heating 28  (31)
Varyukhin S. V., Egorov V. S., Effect of the magnetic field on the electron-phonon relaxation time 32  (35)
Flerova S. A.,. Bochkov O. E, The influence of magnetic field on the phase boundary in BaTiO3 crystals 34  (37)
Dotsenko Vik. S., Dotsenko Vl. S., Phase transition in the 2D Ising model with impurity bonds 37  (40)
Rozhkov S. S., Dynamics of magnetic solitons in 3He-6 41  (44)
Askar'yan G. A., Mukhamadzhanov M. A., Nonlinear defocusing of a focused beam: a fine beam from the focus 44  (48)
Panfilov V. N., Strunin V. P., Chapovskii P. L., Shalagin A. M., Light-induced drift and separation of the components of the mixture 13CH3F + 12CH3F in a continuous IR-radiation field 48  (52)
Batusov Yu. A., Bunyatov S. A., Lyukov V. V., Sidorov V. M., Tyapkin A. A., Yarba V. A., A possible case of production and decay of a supernucleus 52  (56)
Verebryusov V. S., Ponomarev L. A., Rescattering by a nucleus of () and () beams after their coherent formation 56  (60)
Dineikhan M., Efimov G. V., Ivanov M. A., Form factor of the decay ω→π0μ+μ- in a nonlocal quark model 62  (66)
Dubovik V. M., Tosunyan L. A., Estimates of the effects of parity violation in quasi-nuclear systems 65  (68)
Terent'ev M. V., Form factor of η meson in quantum chromodynamics 67  (71)
Dal'karov O. D., Orlov Yu. V., Tilyavov A. A., Quasi-tritium state in \bar{p}d system 71  (74)
Baryshevskii V. G., Multifrequency precession of the neutron spin in a uniform magnetic field 74  (78)

Permission given by American Institute of Physics is appreciated.