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VOLUME 33 (1981) | ISSUE 2 CONTENTS page number of Russian version in brackets
Bagaev S. N., Dychkov A. S., Chebotaev V. P., Use of narrow optical resonances for measuring small displacements and for building gravity-wave detectors 79  (85)
Pospelov Yu. A., Grachev G. S., Variation of the electronic spectrum of As with pressure up to 120 kbar 82  (89)
Onishchenko T. A., Diamagnetism of band electrons in macroscopically inhomogeneous crystals 86  (93)
Yushmanov P. N., Thermal conductivity of ions in an undulating magnetic field at low collision frequency 91  (97)
Al'tshuler B. L., Aronov A. G., Spivak B. Z., The Aaronov-Bohm effect in disordered conductors 94  (101)
Shmidt V. V., Thermoelectric effects in distributed Josephson S-N-S junctions 98  (104)
.Abdullaev A. Sh, Frolov A. A., Theory of inverse Faraday effect in an inhomogeneous plasma 101  (107)
Zinov'ev N. N., Yaroshetskii I. D., Exciton-plasmon interaction in nonequilibrium electron-hole plasma of CdS crystals 103  (109)
Galev V. N., Kozlov V. A., Kolomoets N. V., Skipidarov S. Ya., Tsvetkova N. A., Exponential temperature dependence of the coefficient of the Nernst-Ettingshausen transverse effect in bismuth 106  (112)
D'yakonov M. I., Khaetskii A. V., Surface states in a gapless semiconductor 110  (115)
Genkin G. M., Tokman I. D., Photomagnetization of multidomain ferromagnetic materials by circularly polarized light 113  (119)
Irkhin Yu. P., Onset of ferromagnetism in a limited temperature interval in paramagnetic materials with χ(T) maximum 116  (122)
Dekhtyar I. Ya., Ivanov L. I., Karlov N. V., Nikiforov Yu. N., Ischenko M. M., Prokhorov A. M., Yakushkevich V. A., Formation of intermetallic compounds in a niobium-iron system due to the action of a shock wave produced by laser irradiation 120  (126)

Permission given by American Institute of Physics is appreciated.