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VOLUME 33 (1981) | ISSUE 3 CONTENTS page number of Russian version in brackets
Neporent B. S., Spiro A. G., Shilov V. B., Fainberg B. D., Shape of stimulated secondary-radiation spectra of dye solutions 125  (133)
Stishov S. M., Kachinskii V. N., Some electrical-contact effects that occur when a conical indenter is pressed into a flat anvil through a thin layer of dielectric material 128  (136)
Kaminskii A. S., Karasyuk V. A., Pokrovskii Ya. E., Interaction of charge carriers in multiparticle exciton-impurity complexes in silicon 132  (141)
Verbitskii S. S., Vitukhnovskii A. G., Vysloukh V. A., Zhevandrov N. D., Diffusion anisotropy of triplet excitons in stilbene single crystals 136  (144)
Trusillo S. V., Guzhovskii B. Ya., Makeev N. G., Tsukerman V. A., Determination of the region of neutron generation in bubble chambers with a plasma focus 140  (148)
Bychkov Yu. A., Iordanskii S. V., Eliashberg G. M., Two-dimensional electrons in a strong magnetic field 143  (152)
Artemenko S. N., Volkov A. F., Oscillations of a commensurable charge-density wave due to the influence of a constant electric field; an analogy with the Josephson effect 147  (155)
Brodskii Yu. Ya., Zharov A. A., Nechuev S. I., Slutsker Ya. Z., Generation of a quasi-static magnetic field in a plasma by a high-intensity electromagnetic wave 151  (160)
Kusmartsev F. V., Rashba E. I., Jahn-Teller symmetry breaking of an autolocalized barrier 155  (164)
Khaikin M. S., Khlyustikov I. N., Twinning plane of a metallic crystal - a two-dimensional superconductor 158  (167)
Khlopov M. Yu., Fractionally charged particles and quark confinement 162  (170)
Kalashnikov O. K., Infrared cutoff of transverse modes in the Yang-Mills theory at T\neq 0 165  (173)
Gal'perin A., Ivanov E., Ogievetskii V., Grassmann analyticity and extension of supersymmetry 168  (176)
Turbiner A. V., Algebraization of the perturbation theory in quantum chromodynamics 173  (181)

Permission given by American Institute of Physics is appreciated.