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VOLUME 33 (1981) | ISSUE 5 CONTENTS page number of Russian version in brackets
Gorbenko V. G., Zhebrovskii Yu. V., Kolesnikov L. Ya., Rubashkin A. L., Sorokin P. V., Erratum: Investigation of the asymmetry of the cross sections of the reaction γ d→ np by polarized photons in the 400- to 600-MeV energy range [JETP Lett. 30, No. 2,118-120 (20 July 1979)] 297  ()
Pokatilov V. S., Kapel'nitskii S. V., Erratum: Anomalous ferromagnetic relaxation in the transition to the spin-glass state [JETP Lett. 32, No. 10, 599-603 (20 November 1980) 297  ()
Vinnikov L. Ya., Glebovskii V. G., Moskvin S. I., Vortex pinning in 1Nb bicrystals 239  (253)
Zabrodskii A. G. , Experimental determination of the compensation of neutron-doped germanium 243  (258)
Aver'yanov E. M., Zhuikov V. A., Adomenas P. V., Conformational change induced in mesomolecules by smectic A -nematic-isotropic liquid phase transitions 248  (262)
Karpman V. I., Kaufman R. N., Whistler leakage from plasma waveguides 252  (266)
Zhilyaev I. N., Observation of kinetic diamagnetism and paramagnetism in bismuth 256  (270)
Svistunov V. M., D'yachenko A. I., Tarenkov V. Yu., Stupakov V. V., Dynamic properties of thin films near the superconducting transition temperature 259  (274)
Zinchik Yu. S, Kozyrev S. V., Polyanskaya T. A., Negative magnetoresistance in a two-dimensional electron gas 262  (278)
Alekseevskii N. E., Narozhnyi V. N., The question of "pressure hardening" and an anomaly in the magnetic properties of CdS 267  (282)
Ermolaev B. I., Fadin V. S., Doubly logarithmic asymptotic behavior of exclusive cross sections in quantum chromodynamics 269  (285)
Ryskin M. G., Dokshitser Yu. L., Difference in the behavior of the structure functions of annihilation and of deep inelastic scattering 272  (288)
Kallosh R. E., One- and two-loop invariants in expanded supergravitations 276  (292)
Vorob'ev I. I., Novikov L. S., Observation of a two-step Glauber process in a double charge exchange of π+ mesons by nuclei 279  (295)
Karmanov V. A., Sensitivity to polarization and quadrupolarization in elastic backward pd scattering at an energy in the region of 1 GeV 284  (300)
Abramov V. V., Alekseev A. V., Baldin B. Yu., Bityukov S. I., Vrazhnov Yu. N., Glebov V. Yu., Dyshkant A. S., Evdokimov V. N., Zmushko V. V., Krinitsyn A. N., Kryshkin V. I., Kul'man N. Yu., Mel'nik Yu. M., Sulyaev R. M., Turchanovich L. K., Production of charged hadrons with large transverse momenta pp collisions at 70 GeV 289  (304)
Kopeliovich B. Z., Lapidus L. I., Diffractive dissociation of hadrons into states with a large mass 294  (309)

Permission given by American Institute of Physics is appreciated.