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VOLUME 33 (1981) | ISSUE 7 CONTENTS page number of Russian version in brackets
Isaev A. P., Infinite set of conservation laws for a relativistic string 341  (357)
Kadomtsev B. B., Structure of Saturn's rings 344  (361)
Dudov A. M., Kormer S. B., Kulikov S. M., Nikolaev Vik. D., Portnyagin V. V., Sukharev S. A., Competition between nonlinear processes in gaseous SF6 as a result of pumping by 2-nsec pulses 347  (363)
Antipov S. V., Nezlin M. V., Snezhkin E. N., Trubnikov A. S., Rossby soliton 351  (368)
Kartsovnik M. V., Ryazanov V. V., Shmidt V. V., Observation of thermoelectric effect in an SNS junction 356  (373)
Zyuzin A. Yu., Density of states in MDS structures 360  (377)
Orlov Yu. V., Analytic continuation of the integral equations of the theory of scattering by an unphysical energy sheet 363  (380)
Andreev I. V., Interpretation of "exotic" events of multiple production at very high energies 367  (384)
Azimov S. A., Baryshneva A. E., Mullazhanov E. Zh., Nuritdinov Kh., Talipov D. A., Khalilov D. A., Yuldashbaev T. S., Correlation method for analyzing gamma families with energies Σ Eγ = 40-500 TeV 371  (389)
Ioffe A. I., Turkevich Yu. G., Drabkin G. M., Diffraction-grating neutron interferometer 374  (392)

Permission given by American Institute of Physics is appreciated.