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VOLUME 33 (1981) | ISSUE 8 CONTENTS page number of Russian version in brackets
Marchenko V. I., Possible structures and phase transitions on the surface of crystals 381  (397)
Kadomtseva A. M., Agafonov A. P., Milov V. N., Moskvin A. S., Semenov V. A., Direct observation of a symmetry change induced in orthoferrite crystals by an external magnetic field 383  (400)
Gorelik L. L., Oscillatory variation of the thermal conductivity of molecular gases in a magnetic field 387  (403)
Belan V. G., Ivanov A. I., Skvortsov Yu. V., Collision of fast, dense plasma flux in an open trap 390  (407)
Akimov A. V., Kaplyanskii A. A., Syrkin A. L., A narrow phonon neck in the luminescence of CaF2-Eu+ crystals and the anharmonic lifetime of terahertz acoustic phonons 393  (410)
Fedoseev D. V., Varshavskaya I. G., Lavrent'ev A. V., Deryagin B. V., Formation of metastable phases of carbon during rapid cooling of graphite 397  (414)
Berezhko E. G., Acceleration of charged particles in a cosmic-phase shear flow 399  (416)
Pevtsov A. B., Permogorov S. A., Sel'kin A. V., Rayleigh scattering of polaritons in CdS crystals 402  (419)
Braginskii V. B., Panov V. I., Popel'nyuk V. D., Small-vibration detector for a gravitational antenna 405  (423)
Borovoi A. A., Kopeikin V. I., Mikaelyan L. A., Measurement of the beta spectrum of 235U fission fragments and the problem of reactor \tilde{\nu}_e spectra 408  (426)
Vesna V. A., Egorov A. I., Kolomenskii E. A., Lobashev V. M., Pirozhkov A. N., Smotritskii L. M., Titov N. A., Asymmetry of charged-particle emission in the capture of polarized thermal neutrons by 3He and 10B nuclei 411  (429)
Artemenko S. N., Volkov A. F., Erratum: Oscillations of a commensurable charge-density wave under the influence of a constant electric field; an analogy with the Josephson effect [JETP Lett. 33, No. 155-160 (5 February 1981)] 416  (436)

Permission given by American Institute of Physics is appreciated.