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VOLUME 33 (1981) | ISSUE 9 CONTENTS page number of Russian version in brackets
Vokhnik O. M., Odintsov V. I., Slow field fluctuations of the Stokes wave due to SMBS with a wide-band pumping 421  (437)
Kovrizhnykh L. M., Shchepetov S. V., Is there an upper limit on the pressure in a stellarator? 425  (441)
Govorkov S. A., Tulin V. A., Subharmonic radiation during parametric excitation in the nuclear-spin-wave region 428  (445)
Akimchenko I. P., Vavilov V. S., Dymova N. N., Krasnopevtsev V. V., Rodina A. A., Umkin-Edin D. I., Suppression of the Staebler-Wronski effect in hydrogenated amorphous silicon by ion implantation of gallium and arsenic 431  (448)
Erokhin N. S., Moiseev S. S., Mukhin V. V., Novikov V. E., Sagdeev R. Z., Self-focusing and energy absorption of a laser beam in an inhomogeneous plasma 434  (451)
Galstyan S. R., Garibyan O. V., Tabiryan N. V., Chilingaryan Yu. S., Light-induced Fredericks transition in a liquid crystal 437  (454)
Batyrev A. S., Novikov B. V., Cherednichenko A. E., Observation of surface mechanical excitons in crystals 442  (459)
Merezhkin V. G., Mukhovatov V. S., Electron thermal conductivity and diffusion in a tokamak 446  (463)
Bekov G. I., Zherikhin A. N., Letokhov V. S., Mishin V. I., Fedoseev V. N., Difference in the yields of even and odd Yb isotopes in multistep photoionization by polarized laser beams 450  (467)
Gulyan A. M., Zharkov G. F., Temperature dependence of superconducting gap in a strong microwave field 454  (471)
Abramov V. V., Baldin B. Yu., Buzulutskov A. F., Bityukov S. I., Vrazhnov Yu. N., Glebov V. Yu., Dyshkant A. S., Evdokimov V. N., Zmushko V. V., Krinitsyn A. N., Kryshkin V. I., Kul'man N. Yu., Podstavkov V. M., Sulyaev R. M., Turchanovich L. K., A possible example of subhadronic scattering 458  (475)
Adishchev Yu. N., Vnukov I. E., Vorob'ev S. A., Golovkov V. M., Zabaev V. N., Lunev V. I., Kurkov A. A., Kalinin B. N., Potylitsyn A. P., Detection of linear polarization of gamma radiation with planar electron channeling in diamond 462  (478)
Ter-Akop'yan G. M., A proposed experiment to search for the decay of a nucleon 466  (482)
Khangulyan V. A., Galitskii V. M., Ivanov Yu. B., The effect of a hot jet in the hydrodynamic collision theory of heavy ions 468  (484)

Permission given by American Institute of Physics is appreciated.