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VOLUME 33 (1981) | ISSUE 10 CONTENTS page number of Russian version in brackets
Malygin A. A., Penin A. N., Sergienko A. V., Absolute calibration of the sensitivity of photodetectors using a biphotonic field 477  (493)
Belushkin A. V., Dolganov V. K., Natkaniec I., Sheka E. F., Vibrational-state spectrum in amorphous materials with a molecular structure 481  (497)
Ambrazyavichene V., Brazis R., Kachyulis S., Kunig-elis A., Parshyalyunas A., Shiktorov P., Negative differential conductivity (NDC) in semiconductors with a negative magnetic resistance (NMR) 484  (500)
Rozanov N. N., Smirnov V. A., Resonance excitation and hysteresis in a quantum anharmonic oscillator 488  (504)
Enikolopyan N. S., Berlin Yu. A., Beshenko S. I., Zhorin V. A., Anomalously low resistance of compressed dielectric thin films 492  (508)
Bondarev V. N., Two-dimensional rotons near a helium II-solid boundary 495  (511)
Al'tshuler B. L., Aronov A. G., Magnetoresistance of thin films and of wires in a longitudinal magnetic field 499  (515)
Altyntsev A. T., Krasov V. I., Lebedev N. V., Papernyi V. L., Simonov V. G., "Flash" dynamics of energy release in a neutral current sheath 502  (518)
Gurevich L. E., Liverts E. V., Possibility of small Barkhausen jumps in an ideal crystal 506  (522)
Al'tshuler S. A., Nazarov Yu. G., Khasanov A. Kh., Spin Raman scattering of light by Ce3+ ions in a cerium-magnesium nitrate crystal 508  (525)
Askar'yan G. A., Manzon B. M., Transversely propagating light discharges and flares from moving laser beams-a new class of light and gas-dynamical effects 512  (528)
Gaponov S. V., Luskin B. M., Salashchenko N. N., Superlattices with unoriented barrier layers 517  (533)
Efimov V. B., Mezhov-Deglin L. P., Mobility of charges in solid 3He in strong fields 521  (537)
Iskanderov N. A., Kudryashov V. A., Matveev I. N., Ustinov N. D., Many-photon parametric resonant frequency up-conversion in a nonmonochromatic pump field 525  (542)
Kurik M. V., Lavrentovich O. D., Topological defects in cholesteric liquid crystals 528  (545)
Mukhanov V. F., Chibisov G. V., Quantum fluctuations and a nonsingular universe 532  (549)
Beresnev L. A., Baikalov V. A., Blinov L. M., Pozhidaev E. P., Purvanetskas G. V., First nonhelicoidal ferroelectric liquid crystal 536  (553)
Kuz'min V. A., Tkachev I.I., Shaposhnikov M. E., Are there antimatter domains in the universe? 540  (557)
Zelenov E. V., Kalashnikov O. K., Phenomenology of a τ-lepton with a heavy neutrino in the SU(5) model 543  (560)
Nikolaev N. N., Soft contamination of hard hadron jets produced in nuclei 548  (565)

Permission given by American Institute of Physics is appreciated.