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VOLUME 33 (1981) | ISSUE 12 CONTENTS page number of Russian version in brackets
Ameev S. Sh., Varyukhin V. V., Gagarin Yu. F., Kalinkin B. N., Lukin V. A., Smirnov A. B., Shmonin V. L., Yakubovskii E. A., Erratum: Observation of anomalous nuclear-nuclear interaction and its interpretation [JETP Lett. 33, No. 6, 339-342 (20 March 1981)] 660  ()
Antipov S. V., Nezlin M. V., Snezhkin E. N., Trubnikov A. S., Erratum: Rossby's soliton [JETP Lett. 33, No. 7, 351-355 (5 April 1981)] 660  ()
Alekseev V. A., Stimulated thermal scattering near a resonance 607  (621)
Danishevskii A. M., Kochegarov S. F., Subashiev V. K., Light-induced gyrotropy and anisotropy in a cubic crystal 611  (625)
Malkov A. N., Prokhorov A. M., Fedorov V. B., Fomenkov I. V., Ultrashort pulses from a neodymium-glass laser with a rapidly switched plasma mirror 615  (630)
Al'tshuler S. A., Antipin A. A., Rakhmatullin R. M., Rozentsvaig Yu. K., Fedii A. A., Shlenkin V. I., The use of thermal ballistic pulses to excite EPR signals in the upper Stark states of the impurity Er3+ ion in an LiYF4 crystal 619  (633)
Ashkinadze B. M., Bel'kov V. V., Microwave absorption in a layer of electron-hole liquid on the surface of a germanium crystal 622  (636)
Osad'ko I. S. , Anomalous thermal broadening of the optical lines of impurity centers in a glass 626  (640)
Bugaev A. A., Zakharchenya B. P., Chudnovskii F. A., Self-mode-locking produced when a mirror which undergoes a metal-semiconductor phase transition is used as the modulator 629  (643)
Mednikov A. M., Popkov A. F., Anisimkin V. I., Nam B. P., Petrov A. A., Spivakov D. D., Khe A. S., Inelastic scattering of a surface spin wave from a surface acoustic wave in a thin, iron-yttrium-garnet film 632  (646)
Fishman I. M., Electron-hole drops on a germanium surface and a kinetic phase transition 636  (650)
Khaller K. E., Rebane L. A., Antiresonance in the excitation spectrum for Raman scattering in proustite 640  (654)
Rubakov V. A., Superheavy magnetic monopoles and decay of the proton 644  (658)
Kazakov V. A., Migdal A. A., Baryon considered as a soliton in loop space 647  (661)
Alekseev E. N., Bakatanov V. N., Butkevich A. V., Voevodskii A. V., Gitel'son A. A., Danshin A. E., Keidan G. P., Kiryushin A. A., Petkova O. I., Chudakov A. E., Shtern B. E., Lower limit on the proton lifetime according to data from the Baksan underground scintillation telescope 651  (664)
Kancheli O. V., Chkareuli Dzh. L., Note regarding the observation of quark-type fractional electric charges 654  (667)
Omboo Z., Pak A. S., Saakyan S. B., Tarasov A. V., Uzhinskii V. V., Allowance for the correlation of the center of mass of the target nucleus in the calculations of the cross sections for inclusive reactions 657  (670)

Permission given by American Institute of Physics is appreciated.