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VOLUME 34 (1981) | ISSUE 4 CONTENTS page number of Russian version in brackets
Gorobei N. N., Ipatova I. P., Subashiev A. V., Electromagnetic theory of surface-enhanced Raman scattering 149  (157)
Gulyan A. M., Zharkov G. F., Phonon-deficit effect in superconductors in a strong microwave field 153  (161)
Provotorov B. N., Khitrin A. K., Theory of multipulse spin-locking in nuclear quadrupole resonance 157  (165)
Martynov A. F., Randoshkin V. V., Telesnin R. V., 360 dynamic domain wall in ferrite garnet films 160  (169)
Chirikov B. V., Shepelyanskii D. L., Stochastic oscillations of classical Yang-Mills fields 163  (171)
Komnin Yu. S., Koshelyaevskii N. B., Tatarenkov V. M., Shumyatskii P. S., Measurement of the frequency of a He-Ne/CH4 laser 167  (175)
Afrosimov V. V., Basalaev A. A., Donets E. D., Lozhkin K. O., Panov M. N., Processes involving the capture of an electron by the nuclei of atoms near helium atoms and hydrogen molecules at low energies 171  (179)
Belousov M. V., Petrikov V. D., Interaction of pseudospins and the density spectrum of libration states in an NH4Cl 175  (183)
Krylov I. P., Nadgornyi B. E., Observation of the ballistic flight of hot electrons through a lead film 178  (186)
Karlov N. V., Orlov A. N., Petrov Yu. N., Prokhorov A. M., Yakubova M. A., Detection of electron-vibrational transitions in the spectrum of Raman scattering of light by adsorbed xenon atoms 181  (189)
Shalagin A. M., Nonlinear resonance in low-pressure gases not subject to drift broadening 184  (193)
Zavaritskii N. V., Temperature distribution in superfluid helium near a heated surface 188  (196)
Sukhorukov A. P., Sukhorukova A. K., Nonlinear dispersion and compression of pulses due to parametric interaction 191  (200)
Baltrameyunas R., Zhukauskas A., Kuokshtis E., Anisotropy of the heating of photoexcited electrons in CdS single crystals 195  (204)
Khlyustikov I. N., Khaikin M. S., Superconductivity of a layer of microscopic twin crystals 198  (207)
Eremenko V. V., Ponomarchuk V. L., Polarization of Fe57 nuclei when NMR and ferromagnetic-resonance frequencies are equal 203  (211)
Chaikov L. L., Temperature dependence of the diffusion coefficient in a solution with a singularity 206  (215)
Esipov S. E., Levinson I. B., Nonlocal phonon thermal conductivity under conditions of strong excitation 210  (218)
Volkov G. G., Monich V. A., Struminskii B. V., Oscillations of CP violation in the "horizontal" superweak gauge scheme 213  (222)
Kalashnikov O. K., SU (5) predictions regarding parity-violating effects in atomic physics 217  (226)
Efimov G. V., Ivanov M. A., Muradov P. Kh., Solomonovich M. M., P→ I+I- decays in a nonlocal quark model 221  (230)
Mkrtchyan R. L., Contour equation for supersymmetric gauge theory 225  (235)

Permission given by American Institute of Physics is appreciated.