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VOLUME 34 (1981) | ISSUE 6 CONTENTS page number of Russian version in brackets
Bychenkov V. Yu., Silin V. P., Heat transfer in a turbulent laser plasma 309  (325)
Gogolin O. V., Tsitsishvili E. G., Deiss J. L., Klingshirn C., Solomko V. E., Natural birefringence of cubic CuBr crystals in the exciton part of the spectrum 312  (328)
Afrosimov V. V., Basalaev A. A., Gordeev Yu. S., Donets E. D., Zinov'ev A. N., Ovchinnikov S. Yu., Panov M. N., X radiation accompanying electron capture by oxygen and carbon nuclei in molecular hydrogen 316  (332)
Aristov V. Yu., Tal'yanskii V. I., Kharlamov A. A., Electrical conductivity of a cleaved (111) face of germanium 319  (335)
Melik-Shakhnazarov V. A., Naskidashvili I. A., Arabadzhyan N. L., Sound attenuation due to the decay of coherent concentration waves in a niobium-hydrogen solution 322  (338)
Aronov I. E., Kaner E. A., Plasmon instability in semiconductors with parametric cyclotron pumping 325  (341)
Anisimov A. N., Gurevich A. G., Merkulov A. I., Shukyurov A. S., Emiryan L. M., Observation of intrinsic spin-wave relaxation processes in a ferromagnetic material at 4.2 K 328  (344)
Travnikov V. V., Krivolapchuk V. V., Effect of photoexcitation intensity on exciton kinetics 330  (347)
Alekseevskii N. E., Nikolaev E. G., Temperature dependence of the NMR parameters of 119Sn in the Mo6S8Mn compound 333  (350)
Zisman A. N., Critical scattering of x rays in potassium dihydrophosphate (KDP) 337  (354)
Kagan Yu., Shlyapnikov G. V., Collective excitations in a Bose gas of a spin-polarized atomic hydrogen 341  (358)
Ekimov A. I., Onushchenko A. A., Quantum size effect in three-dimensional microscopic semiconductor crystals 345  (363)
Savchenko A. K., Lutskii V. N., Rylik A. S., The effect of quantum corrections on the resistance of thin bismuth films 349  (367)
Vul B. M., Zavaritskaya E. I., Zavaritskii V. N., Localization of electrons on the cleavage surface of germanium in liquid 353  (371)
Katunin A. Ya., Lukashevich I. I., Orozmamatov S. T., Sklyarevskii V. V., Suraev V. V., Filippov V. V., Filippov N. I., Shevtsov V. A., Temperature dependence of the recombination rate constant of hydrogen atoms in solid H2 at 1.5 K< T < 5.5 K 357  (375)
Polyanskaya T. A., Saidashev I.I., Negative magnetoresistance in n-type germanium and its analysis based on quantum theory of this effect 361  (378)

Permission given by American Institute of Physics is appreciated.