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VOLUME 34 (1981) | ISSUE 5 CONTENTS page number of Russian version in brackets
Pustovoit V. l., Chernozatonskii L. A., Parametric mechanisms for detecting gravitational waves 229  (241)
Nikitenko V. l., Farber B. Ya., Yakimov E. B., Asymmetry of dislocation mobility in semiconductor 233  (245)
Bushuev V. A., Laushkin A. V., Kuz'min R. N., Lobanov N. N., Diffraction effects in the inelastic scattering of x rays in LiF crystals 236  (248)
Vaisfel'd M. P., Imamutdinov F. S., Khasanov A. Kh., Inverse population in a paramagnetic crystal produced as a result of thermal excitation of the spin system by a pulsed magnetic field 240  (252)
Brandt N. B., Ionov S. G., Kuvshinnikov S. V., Mikhanov V. A., Avdeev V. V., Shubnikov-de Haas effect in graphite intercalation compounds of the first and second orders 243  (256)
Basun S. A., Kaplyanskii A. A., Feofilov S. P., Inelastic collision of terahertz.acoustic phonons in ruby crystals 246  (259)
Zolot'ko A. S., Kitaeva V. F., Kroo N., Sobolev N. N., Csillag L., Light-induced Freedericksz transition in an MBBA crystal 250  (263)
Balaev A. D., Berzhanskii V. N., Val'kov V. V., Ovchinnikov S. G., Chernov V. K., Deviation from the Bloch law in ferromagnetic materials with an intermediate valence 255  (267)
Vedenov A. A., Tret'yakov L. l., Swelling of clays and lyotropic liquid crystal 258  (271)
Volodin A. P., Khaikin M. S., Observation of superconductivity of the twinning plane by using the eddy-current method 262  (275)
Solov'ev E. A., Approximate motion intergal for a hydrogen atom in a magnetic field 265  (278)
Gershenzon E. M., Gershenzon M. E., Gol'tsman G. N., Semenov A. D., Sergeev A. V., Heating of quasiparticles in a superconducting film in the resistive state 268  (281)
Sharvin D. Yu., Sharvin Yu. V., Magnetic-flux quantization in a cylindrical film of a normal metal 272  (285)
Kopysov Yu. S., Seismic activity of the sun and 2-yr cycle in the solar-neutrino flux 275  (289)
Kudryavtsev A. E., Lisin V. I., Popov V.S., Coulomb systems with a short-range interaction: the Σ-p atom and resonant levels of light nuclei 279  (292)
Dakhno L. G., Kravtsov A. V., Makarov M. M., Medvedev V. I., Obrant G. Z., Poromov V. I., Sarantsev V. V., Sokolov G. L., Sherman S. G., Resonant enhancement in the distributions of cumulative nucleons from the reaction π- d→π-pn 283  (296)
Gaponov Yu. V., Shul'gina N. B., Vladimirov D. M., Mass formula in the restoration scheme of the Wigner SU(4) symmetry in heavy nuclei 287  (300)
Kostenko O. F., Troshin S. M., Tyurin N. E., Large-angle elastic scattering 291  (304)
Alfimenkov V. P., Borzakov S. B., Tkhuan Vo Van, Mareev Yu. D., Pikel'ner L. B., Rubin D., Khrykin A. S., Sharapov E. I., Experimental study of P-parity nonconservation in the neutron resonance of 117Sn 295  (308)
Lyubimov V. B., Omboo Z., Tuvdendorzh D., Uzhinskii V. V., Scaling of velocity distributions in π- interactions at Pπ=40 GeV/c 299  (312)
Voskresenskii D. N., Mishustin I. N., Thermal fluctuations of a pion field near the π- condensate critical point 303  (317)

Permission given by American Institute of Physics is appreciated.