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VOLUME 34 (1981) | ISSUE 7 CONTENTS page number of Russian version in brackets
Silin V. P., Tikhonchuk V. T., Nonlinear saturation of SMBS in a rarefied nonisothermal plasma 365  (385)
Mikhailov M. I., Pustovitov V. D., Helical-axis stellarator with helical windings 368  (388)
Nesterova Z. V., Aleksandrov I. V., Polnitskii A. A., Sattarov D. K., Propagation characteristics of high-power ultrashort light pulses in multimode optical fibers 371  (391)
Grinchuk V. A., Kazantsev A. P., Kuzin E. F., Nagaeva M. L., Ryabenko G. A., Surdutovich G. I., Yakovlev V. P., Scattering of atoms by a short, standing-light-wave pulse 375  (395)
Krichevtsov B. B., Mukimov K. M., Pisarev R. V., Ruvinshtein M. M., Antiferromagnetic and ferromagnetic Faraday effect in yttrium orthoferrite YFeO3 379  (399)
Odulov S. G., Oleinik O. I., Soskin M. S., Optical nonlinearity of pure lithium niobate crystals and hologram recording at low temperatures 382  (403)
Gaponov Yu. V., Lyutostanskii Yu. S., Aleksankin V. G., Position of the Gamow-Teller resonance and the problem of the reconstruction of the Wigner SU(4) symmetry 386  (407)
Bratashevskii A. S., Zybalov A. A., Karasev S. P., Konovalov o. G., Sorokin P. V., Storozhenko Yu. O., Tenishev A. E., Proton polarization in the reaction γ d→ np at c.m. angles of 90 and 120 at γ energies in the range 650-1000 MeV 389  (410)
Fradkin E. S., Fradkina T. E., Weinberg angle and the proton lifetime in asymptotically free and supersymmetric grand unification models 392  (412)
Makeev V. V., Myagkov A. G., Polyarush A. Yu., Sokolov A. A., Baranov D. S., Ivanilov A. A., Konyushko V. I., Karabeev V. M., Korotkov V. A., Kuznetsov E. P., Bugorskii A. P., Kurbakov V. I., Kochetkov V. I., Sviridov Yu. M., Quasielastic νμ + n → μ- + p scattering of neutrinos at 2 to 20 GeV in the SKAT bubble chamber 397  (418)
Chaikov L. L., Erratum: Temperature dependence of the diffusion coefficient in a solution with a singularity [JETP Lett. 34, No. 4, 215-218 (20 August 1981)] 401  (424)

Permission given by American Institute of Physics is appreciated.