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VOLUME 34 (1981) | ISSUE 8 CONTENTS page number of Russian version in brackets
Demkov Yu. N. , Kondratovich V. D., Ostrovskii V. N., Interference of electrons resulting from the photoionization of an atom in an electric field 403  (425)
Zel'dovich B. Ya., Tabiryan N. V., Freedericksz transition in cholesteric liquid crystals without external fields 406  (428)
Titkov A. N., Benemanskaya G. V., Iluridze G. N., Scale time for interband Auger recombination involving a spin-orbit-split valence band in p-type GaSb crystals 409  (430)
Verkhoglyad A. G., Krivoshchekov G. V., Kurbatov P. F., Helium-initiated inelastic channel for the collision between the 5d|3/210 and 5d|7/2|30 states of excited Xe 412  (434)
Al'perovich V. L., Belinicher V. I., Gusev G. M., Novikov V. N., Terekhov A. S., Mean free path and diffusivity of surface scattering of electrons in GaAs 416  (437)
Sadykov I.I., Khaimovich E. P., Direct observation of a nuclear spin resonance in an oscillating electric field 419  (441)
Lemanov V. V., Esayan S. Kh., Maksimov A. Yu., Gabrielyan V. T., Circular photovoltaic effect in the ferroelectric Pb5Ge3O11 423  (444)
Makarenko I. N., Nefedov S. N., Kostantino M. Sh., Stishov S. M., Critical point on the smectic A-smectic B phase-transition line in MBMBAC 425  (447)
Bugaev A. A., Gudyalis V. V., Zakharchenya B. P., Chudnovskii F. A., Selectivity of the photoexcited metal-semiconductor phase transition in vanadium dioxide initiated by picosecond pulses 430  (452)
Petrashov V. T., Geim A. K., Anisotropy of helicon damping in indium during localized electron-phonon U processes 434  (456)
Starobinskii A. A., Evolution of small perturbations of isotropic cosmological models with one-loop quantum gravitational corrections 438  (460)
Andreev S. V., Balykin V. I., Letokhov V. S., Minogin V. G., Radiative slowing and reduction of the energy spread of a beam of sodium atoms to 1.5 K in an oppositely directed laser beam 442  (463)
Ostrovskii I. V. , Intrinsic-defect mechanism of crystal acoustoluminescence 446  (467)
Mel'nikov V. I., The effect of the discrete nature of a finite disordered system on the distribution of resistances 450  (471)
Chkareuli Dzh. L., Gauge hierarchies in the model of constituent quarks and leptons 453  (474)
Adamovich M. I., Aleksandrov Yu. A., Bolta J. M., Bravo L., Cartacci A. M., Chernyavskii M. N., Conforto B., Conti A., Crosetti G., Dagliana M. G., Dameri M., Giambrini-Palazzi G., Caporiacco G. D., Forino A., Gessaroli R., Higon E., Kharlamov S. P., Larionova V. G., Llosa J. A., Lory J., Mattel A., Orlova G. I., Osculati B., Parrini G., Peresad'ko N. G., Quareni A., Ruiz A., Romanovskaya K. M., Sanchez M. A., Sannino M., Schune D., Tentindo S., Tomasini G., Tret'yakova M. I., Chue Tsai, Vanderhaeghe G., Villar E., Willot B., Atkinson M., Brodbeck T., Brookes G. R., Bussey P. J., Davenport M., Dufey J. -P., Elison R. J., Galbraith W., Heinloth K., Mutton J., Hughes-Jones R. E., Ibbotson M., Kumar R., Lafferty G. D., Lane J. B., Lasalle J. -C., McClatchey R., Mercer D., Morris J. V., Storr K. M., Waite A. P., Observation of the photoproduction of a \bar{D}^0D^0 pair of charmed mesons 456  (477)
Brandt N. B., Demishev S. V., Moshchalkov V. V., Chudinov S. M., Erratum: Investigation of hopping conductivity in GaSb<Te> [JETP Lett. 33, No. 11,578-581 (5 June 1981)] 461  (484)

Permission given by American Institute of Physics is appreciated.