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VOLUME 22 (1975) | ISSUE 3 CONTENTS page number of Russian version in brackets
Kovrov P. E. , Morozov A. I. , Regular structure in the region of the stream compression of a magnetoplasma compressor 61  (133)
Tkach Yu. V. , Fainberg Ya. B. , Gadetskii N. P., Lemberg E. A., Dyatlova V. V., Ermolenko V. V., Sidel'nikova A. V. , Microwave radiation from a strong-current relativistic beam of microsecond duration interacting with a spatially-periodic magnetic field 62  (136)
Merkulov V. S. , Rudashevskii E. G., LeGalle A. , Direct measurement of the magnetic and deformation contribution to birefringence in the weakly-ferromagnetic phase of hematite (α-Fe2O3) 64  (140)
Akhmanov S. A. , Martynov V. A. , Saltiel S. M., Tunkin V. G. , Observation of nonresonant six-photon processes in a calcite crystal 65  (143)
Shepelev A. G. , Ledenev O. P. , Filimonov G. D., Effect of anomalously high oscillations of ultrasound velocity in a pure metal in a weak magnetic field 67  (148)
Galochkin V. T. , Zavorotnyi S. I. , Kosinov V. N. , Ovchinnikov A. A., Oraevskii A. N. , Appearance of electric conductivity following resonant action of infrared laser radiation 70  (153)
Basov N. G., Belenov E. M., Gromov V. V., Isakov V. A., Leonov Yu. S., Markin E. P., Oraevskii A. N. , Romanenko V. I. , Ferpontov N. B. , Shapovalov D. S., Isotope separation in a supersonic stream 71  (156)
Al'tshuler S. A., Aukhadeev F. L. , Grevtsev V. A. , Teplov M. A., Observation of magnetoacoustic echo in paramagnets 73  (159)
Novikov V. N. , Khriplovich I. B. , Parity nonconservation in transitions between hyperfine structure components of heavy atoms 74  (162)
Aliev M. R. , Selection of excited molecules by an inhomogeneous electric field 76  (165)
Vail A. N. , Enkovskii L. L. , Struminskii B. V. , Diffraction-minimum mechanism in elastic hadron scattering 77  (168)
Epshtein E. M. , "Anomalous" magnetoresistance of ionic semiconductors at low temperatures 79  (172)
Ksenzov V. F. , Spectator momentum distribution in D(x,xp)n reactions 80  (174)
Kudryavtsev A. E., Solitonlike solutions for a Higgs scalar field 82  (178)
Dyugaev A. M. , Character of the phase transition in π condensation 83  (181)
Fiks V. B., Directed atomic collisions in single crystals as a method of measuring the lifetimes of short-lived nuclei and of crystal-lattice investigation 85  (185)
Paziashvili I. V. , Spontaneous breaking of isotopic symmetry in K→ 2π decays 87  (188)
Tyupkin Yu. S. , Fateev V. A. , Shvarts A. S., Topologically nontrivial particles in quantum field theory 88  (192)
Kapitza P.L. , Erratum: Useful energy from thermonuclear reactors [JETP Lett. 22, No. 1,10 (July 5,1975)] 89  (196)

Permission given by American Institute of Physics is appreciated.