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VOLUME 22 (1975) | ISSUE 9 CONTENTS page number of Russian version in brackets
Prekul A. F. , Rassokhin V. A. , Volkenshtein N. V. , Cause of low-temperature resistance maximum in titanium alloys 209  (433)
Areshev I. P. , Danishevskii A. M., Kochegarov S. F. , Subashiev V. K., Modulation of laser action in lead telluride by varying the polarization of the pump radiation 211  (437)
Vakulov P. V. , Dobrowolska B., Zakharov A. V., Kovner M. S., Kuznetsov S. N. , Kuznetsova V. A., Larkina V. I. , Likhter Ya. I. , Concerning the region of generation of natural radiation of the outer ionosphere at frequencies lower than 300 Hz 213  (441)
Al'shin B. I. , Atrov D. N., Baturov L. N. , Magnetoelectric effect in lead manganate 214  (444)
Ryutov D. D. , Analog of Landau damping the problem of sound-wave propagation in a liquid with gas bubbles 215  (446)
Fogel' N. Ya. , Moshenskii A. A. , Glukhov A. M. , Dmitrenko I. M., Critical pair-breaking currents of thin superconducting films in a perpendicular magnetic field 217  (450)
Bugal'ter G. A. , Demikhovskii V. Ya., Nonlinear damping of helicons in metals 219  (454)
Alekseevskii N. E. , Bertel K.-H. , Dubrovin A. V., Nizhankovskii V. I. , Magnetic breakdown in vanadium 221  (457)
Karlova E. K. , Karlov N. V., Kuz'min G. P., Laskorin B. N., Prokhorov A. M., Stupin N. P., Shurmel' L. B., Shift of chemical equilibrium of solutions by resonant IR laser radiation 222  (459)
Andreev A. V. , Il'inskii Yu. I., Possibility of using anomalous passage of gamma quanta to intensify bounded beams in a gamma laser 223  (462)
Bogomolov A. S. , Bakirov T. S., Ivannikov V. I. , Perov V. V. , Experimental check on the method of accelerating charged particles in a backward wave 225  (465)
Gurevich L. E. , Krylov E. T. , Influence of excitation dragging by phonons on the thermoelectric effect in pure superconductors 226  (467)
Ginzburg I. F. , Mechanism of production of pairs of particles with large opposite transverse momenta 227  (470)
Volkov G. G. , Liparteliani A. G., SL/(4) scheme of weak interactions and leptonic decays of baryons 229  (474)
Agafonov A. V. , Kolomenskii A. A. , Logachev I.I. , Ion acceleration by displacing the crossover of a strong current electron beam using a "gas" lens 231  (478)
Akimenko A. S. , Belousov V. I. , Blik A. M., Golovnya N. I., Kut'in V. M., Zelepukin S. A. , Makarov G. P. , Sergeev V. A. , Simonov Yu. N., Sugonyaev V. P., Positron production at large transverse momenta in interaction of 70-GeV protons 233  (482)
Krasnikov N. V. , Kuz'min V. A., Chetyrkin K. G. , Remarks on the change of the weak current and elimination of anomalies in gauge models of weak and electromagnetic interactions 234  (485)
Band I. M. , Listengarten M. A., Sliv L. A., Internal conversion of gamma rays on muons 236  (488)
Kancheli O. V. , The longitudinal dimensions of a fast hadron 237  (491)

Permission given by American Institute of Physics is appreciated.