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VOLUME 17 (1973) | ISSUE 1 CONTENTS page number of Russian version in brackets
Malkovich R.Sh., Nistiryuk I.W., Apropos the Article "Photostimulated Diffusion in Silicon" by L.N. Zyuz' et al... 1  (3)
Vdovin V.L., Zinov'ev Q.A., Ivanov A . A ., Kozorovitskii L.L., Krotov M.F., Parail V. V., Rakhimbabaev Ya. R., Rusanov V.D., Shapotkovskii N.V., Magnetosonic Plasma Heating in a Tokamak 2  (4)
Dmitrienko I.M. , Bevza Yu.G ., Mikhailov V.A., DC Voltages Induced by Microwave Irradiation in Superconducting Point Junctions 4  (8)
Iremashvili D.V. , Kuril'nikov S.V., Leont'ev N.I., Osepashvili T.A., High-current Plasma electron Gun with 50 kA Pulse Current 7  (11)
Lyubutin I.S., Vishnyakov Yu.S., Reorientaftion of Magnetic Fleld at the Nucleus of a Diamagnetic Atom in a Rare-earth Orthoferrite. 8  (14)
Gudkov A.A., Kravchenlco V. F. , Papakin V.F., Excitation of Rubidium Ions in Thermal Collisions with Metastable Helium Atoms 11  (17)
Alrtshuler L.V., Dytlin E.A., Svidinskii V.A., Gasdynamic Methods of Low-temperature Compression of Solid Hydrogen 13  (20)
Dubrovskii B.G., Vol'fson A.A ., Resonant Tunneling of. Electrons, in a Superlattice on Silicon Carbide 15  (22)
Grigor'ev V. N., Esel'son B.N., Mikheev V.A., Shul'man Yu.E. , Quantum Diffusion of He3 Impurities in Solid H4 16  (25)
Mkrtchyan M.M., Platonenko V.T., Feasibility of High-pressure Noble-gas Lasers 19  (28)
Galaiko V.P., Oscillations of a Type-ll Superconductor in a Magnetic Field. 21  (31)
Genkin V.M., Influence of High-frequency Field on the Tunnel Effect 25  (35)
Gendenshtein L.E. , Correlations in the Multiperipheral Model and Resonant Particle Production 26  (37)
Kondorskii E.I., Straube E., Spin-orbit Interaction as a Cause of the Anisotropy of the Spontaneous Magnetozation of Transition Metals at Low Temperatures 29  (41)
Kostadinov I.Z., Electroabsorption in Amorphous Semiconductors and Glasses 32  (44)
Nevolin V.K., Quasistationary Noise in Thermionic Emission of Semiconductors 33  (46)
Galeev A A., Laval G., O 'NeiI T.M., Rosenbluth M.N., Sagdeev R. Z., Parametric Back Scattertrrg of a Linear Electromagnetic Wave in a .Plasma 35  (48)
Lugovoi V. N ., Prokhorov A.M., Heating and Containment of Plasma in Crossed Light Beams 38  (52)
Gol'danskii V. I., High Isospin States of Nuclei and MuItineutrons, and the Second Region of Nuclear Stability 41  (56)
Ioffe V.L., Nikolaev N.N., Remarks of Unified Gauge Theories of Weak and Electromagnetic Interaction 43  (59)

Permission given by American Institute of Physics is appreciated.