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VOLUME 17 (1973) | ISSUE 2 CONTENTS page number of Russian version in brackets
Sevast'yanov B.K., Bagdasarov Kh.S., Pasternak L.B. , Volkov S.Yu., Orekhova V.P. , Lasing on Cr3 Ions in Yttrium Aluminum Garnet Crystals 47  (69)
Babenko S.D. , Benderskii V.A., Rudenko T.S., Observation of High-probability Two-photon Photoemission from Metals in Electrolyte Solutions 48  (71)
Gakel' V.R. , MagnetoelastiÓ Interaction in AntiferromagnetiÓ MnC03 51  (75)
Kostryukova M.O., Luk'yanova L.V. , Specific Heat of Anhydrous CrCl3 Between 4.5 and 200K in a Magnetic Field 54  (78)
Belov K.P., Dmitrievskii A.S., Levitin R.Z. , Palewski T. , Popov Yu.F. , Suski W. , Metamagnetism in the UAszSe, System 56  (81)
Goncharov I.N., Khukhareva I.S. , Features of the Behavior of pf(H) Near H(T) of Extremal Type-II Superconductors 58  (85)
Murzin S.N., Osipov B.D., Dispersion of Resonant Optico-acoustical Effect 60  (88)
Ambartsumyan R.V. , Letokhov V.S., Makarov G.N., Puretskii A.A. , Separation of Nitrogen Isotopes with a Laser 63  (91)
Atakhodzhaev A.K., Kashaeva L.M., Sabirov L.M., Starunov V.S., Utarova T.M. , Fabelinskii I.L., Spectrum of Depolarized Light Scattering in a Solution Near the Critical Lamination Point 65  (95)
Ovanesyan N.S., Trukhtanov V.A., Observation of Ferromagnetic Interactions in AntiferromagnetiÓ Perovskites by the Mossbauer Effect 67  (98)
Belostotskii S.L., Alkhazov G.D., Amal'skii G.M., Verob'ev A.A., Dotsenko Yu.V., Use of Extracted Synchrocyclotron Beam to Investigate Scattering of 1-GeV Protons by Nuclei 69  (101)
Atsarkin V.A., Ryabushkin O.A., Increase of Parallel Paramagnetic Susceptibility by Resonant Pumping 71  (103)
Karmenyan K.V., Chiligaryan Yu.S., Nonstationary Stimulated Scattering by Polaritons in Lithium Iodate 73  (106)
Petrov M.P., Distribution of Flux of Charge-exchange Atoms from a Plasma Over the Cross Section of the Plasma Filament in the Tokamak-4 Apparatus 76  (110)
Golovashkin A.I., Motulevich G.P. , Feasibility of Nonphonon Mechanism of Superconductivity in the Alloy NbsSn 79  (114)
Budker G.I. , Danikov V.V., Kruglyakov E.P., Ryutov D.D., Shun'ko E.V., Experiments on the Containment of an Alkali Plasma in a Corrugated Magnetic Field 81  (117)
Pustovalov V.V. , Silin V.P., Tikhonchuk V.T. , Concerning the Exact Solution of the Theory of Quasilinear Relaxation of a Parametrically Unstable Plasma in the Field of Powerful Radiation 84  (124)
Andronov A.A., Kozlov V.A., Low-temperature Negative Differential Microwave Conductivity in Semiconductors Following Elastic Scattering of Electrons 87  (124)
Levin V.M. , Maev R.G. , Filatova Z.I., New Mechanism of Acousto-optical Interaction in Piezosemiconducting Crystals 90  (127)
Krasyuk I.K., Pashinin P.P. , Prokhorov A.M. , Role of Stimulated Compton Scattering in the Interaction of Laser Radiation with a Superdense Plasma 92  (130)

Permission given by American Institute of Physics is appreciated.