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VOLUME 34 (1981) | ISSUE 9 CONTENTS page number of Russian version in brackets
Avramenko R. F., Rukhadze A. A., Teselkin S. F., Structure of a shock wave in a weakly ionized nonisothermal plasma 463  (485)
Karfidov D. M., Lukina N. A., Sergeichev K. F., Current-driven turbulence caused by the emission of fast electrons in an inhomogeneous plasma in an intense electromagnetic field 466  (489)
Bulyakand E. V., Kurilko V. I., Low-frequency transverse charge oscillations in an electron storage ring 471  (493)
Bychkov Yu. A., Iordanskii S. V., Eliashberg G. M., Conductivity of two-dimensional electrons in a strong magnetic field 473  (496)
Gulyaev Yu. V., Zil'berman P. E., Kazakov G. T., Sysoev V. G., Tikhonov V. V., Filimonov Yu. A., Nam B. P., Khe A. S., Observation of fast magnetoelastic waves in thin yttrium-iron garnet wafers and epitaxial films 477  (500)
Akhmanov S. A., Gadonas R., Danelyus R., Kamalov V. F., Koroteev N. I., Piskarskas A. S., Svirko Yu. P., Excited-state spectroscopy and picosecond relaxation at F centers 481  (504)
Voloshin M. B., Zakharov V. I., Absence of a vacuum condensate in supersymmetric gluodynamics 485  (508)
Bellini G., Vasilevskii I. M., Vegni G., Vishnyakov V. V., Di Corato M., Zaimidoroga O. A., Ivan'shchin Yu. I., Lytkin L. K., Palombo F., Pernegr J., Sala A., Sala S., Sychkov S. Ya., Tyapkin A. A., Frabetti P.-L., Observation of an excited state of a pion: a new pseudoscalar meson 488  (511)
I. F. Ginzburg, G. L. Kotkin, V. G. Serbo, and V. I. Tel'nov, Production of higly energy colliding γ γ and γ e beams with a high luminosity at VLEPP accelerators 491  (514)
Gulamov K. G., Olimov K., Yuldashev A. A., Transverse momenta of particles produced in hadron-nuclear interactions 495  (518)
Gulyan A. M., Zharkov G. F., Erratum: Effect of phonon deficit in superconductors in a strong microwave field [JETP Lett. 34, No. 4,161-165 (20 August 1981)] 498  (524)

Permission given by American Institute of Physics is appreciated.