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VOLUME 34 (1981) | ISSUE 10 CONTENTS page number of Russian version in brackets
L. E.Gurevich L. E., Zegrya G. G., Quasi-Alfven waves, their self-excitation and spontaneous radiation 501  (525)
Gradov O. M., Ramazashvili R. R., Parametric bleaching of dense plasmas 505  (529)
Shvets O.M., Kalinichenko S. S., Lysoivan A. I., Nazarov N. I., Slavnyi A. S., Stepanov K. N., Tarasenko V. F., Heating of a three-component current-free plasma by Alfven waves in the Uragan-2 stellarator 508  (533)
Reklaitis A., Gruzhinskis V., Electrostatic plasma instability of photoexcited electrons in semiconductors 512  (536)
Ivanov Yu. L., Rise of hot-hole luminescence in a transverse magnetic field 515  (539)
Kats E. I., Monastyrskii M. I., Phase transitions in diskotic liquid crystals 519  (543)
Petrov M. P., Belotitskii V. I., Chekmarev V. P., Effect of the nuclear subsystem of a magnetic material on the dynamics of domain walls 523  (547)
Lyashenko N.I., Seminozhenko V. P., Sobolev V. L., Talalaevskii V. M., Change in the magnon distribution function in yttrium iron garnet during nonresonant parallel pumping 527  (550)
Spokoinyi B. L. , Production of gauge bosons in a conformally plane space 529  (553)
Shvarts A. S., Theories with nonlocal electric charge conservation 532  (555)

Permission given by American Institute of Physics is appreciated.